A Night for All Saints
UF’s 1979 Halloween Ball did its best to fit in well with past festivals. A tradition that started in 1971, and was lifted to the highest standard when Tom Petty headlined the Second Annual, Midnight to Sunrise, Halloween party.

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1981 The month before playing his Annual Halloween show at The Palladium in New York City, Frank Zappa came to Gainesville, and similarly, at the Florida Gym, opened also opened with “Black Napkins.”

November 2, 1981
Vol 75 No 50
It was Crowded and Crazed — As Usual.
by Jonathan Susskind
Alligator Staff Writer

Madness incarnate swooped and danced through the swarms, discovering a few not yet afflicted, mercilessly stomping their craniums, savoring the sweet innocence she sucked from the gray mush and spitting out a delicious sauce of dementia in drag, tempera paint, and construction paper. Intoxicated and rejuvenated, the dervish joyously swirled, twirled, and picked up the scent …

The Day After
For UF students, Halloween was once again a rowdy time, full of the pomp and partying that has made the festival into an annual “Ball.”

Students transformed themselves into toilet seats, rock stars, televisions, and other traditional costume characters, filling the campus with the brightly adorned bodies of happy Halloweeners. Once again, the cacophonic celebration proved to be the Gainesville spectacular that transforms even the wackiest of fantasies into reality. …

“Last Days of May”
Blue Oyster Cult
1978 Three good buddies were laughing and drinking in the back of a rented Ford.
Road Trips are among the most memorable college experiences, as they are at most American Universities.
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Stoned Age

Stoned Age is a dirtier, five-years-later American Graffiti for the ’80s generation. The film follows two late ’70s stoners, spending an every-week Saturday night cruising and listening to Rock N Roll pop. Blue Oyster Cult topped their playlist, while looking for liquor, weed, and chicks. But it’s Ronnie Montrose who’s tune drives one of the film’s most memorable scenes. It’s their meeting China Kanter,  across the street from “Fankie Avalon’s Old Place,” where they hoped to find teenage stoner heaven at the party they’ve heard about.

Rock N Roll Monsoon …

Montrose @ The Miami Baseball Stadium.

opening for The Who, as LaBelle had the day before in Jacksonville.

Pink Floyd at The Tangerine Bowl (1987) Chose to drive home to Gainesville, listening to Pulse as I went.


Sound of Higher North Florida Education



1979 — Hip Hop Happens 
Iranian Hostages 11/4/79
Jimmy Carter

1980s  — Just Say No
1980 — Ronald Reagan
1982No Nukes
NYC Central Park June 12, 1982



“No Sell Out”
Keith LeBlanc
Malcolm X 12″
1984 — Keith LeBlanc 

w/ Betty Shabazz vs. Sugar Hill Records
((( the original hip-hop beat )))

1984BEAT STREET, Herbie Hancock Sound-System Keith LeBlanc (“King Of The Beat”) “NO SELL OUT” (Malcolm X) vs. Sugar Hill Records (Joe and Sylvia Robinson) w/Betty Shabazz.
1985Live Aid
Mick Jagger & Tina Turner
Farm Aid
We Are The World
Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, Quincy Jones
Artists United Against Apartheid
Miami Vice
Adrian Sherwood
On-U Sound
Fat’s Comet
Gary Clail
Mark Stewart
Bernard Meets Mick Jagger
She’s The Boss.
Jeff Beck Flash
w/ Jimmy Hall, Rod Stewart, Nile Rodgers and Arthur Baker (Production) Carmine Appice
1986Jeff Beck Flash Jan Hammer, Simon Phillips, Doug Wimbish, Steve Lukather, (TOKYO)
1987 — Living Colour Vivid, Guns N Roses Appetite for Destruction, Joe Satriani Surfing With The Alien
1988The Young Americans 
The Second Coming of Mick Primitive Cool
The Brothers of Sodom
1989Bill Hicks
Viciously Honest (“Patriot”/”American Scream”) “The Gospel According To Bill Hicks” (GQ)

“The Story Of Willie”
King Missile (downtown nyc)
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month 11, 1980
vol 11 no. 111
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jim virga

Mushroom Man

UF sophomore Dave Morris poses as the Mushroom Man at last night’s Halloween Ball. His Magic Mushroom won second place in the festival’s costume contest