UF’s celebratory night of peace-loving and open-minded sex, drugs, and all sorts of decadent Rock N Roll. 
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
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Welcome to the Halloween Ball (er-uh) the Halloween Festival.

by Jayne Thompson and David Futch
Alligator Staff Writers
They came from outer space and were ready to guard everybody’s pot. Some stood in moot silence. Other pogos pogoed their phallic facsimiles and zapped each other with plastic pistols. One was even framed.
But underneath it all, they were mostly UF students and a few local folks braced for a bewitching night of perverted craziness and high times in the 11th annual Halloween Festival, Ball, or whatever.
The threat of rain didn’t dampen the spirits of the creepy crawlers and super gallactic oddities roaming the Flavet Bandshell near Fraternity Row, where New Wave rockers and the Firesign Theatre comedy team of Proctor and Bergman entertained a revved up crowd.
Propped up by a cooler of beer, Mr. Dick, a 9-foot phallic at full erection and about 5-foot when sitting and relaxed, described himself as something like Mr. Bill, but with a little more to it. >>>

“Out Come The Freaks”
Was (Not Was)

1981 American Pop
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Albert A. Murphree, the first University of Florida president, warned the class of 1912 (400 young, white Christian men) not to give in to low and insidious temptation.

>>> I’m having a wonderful time drinking beer from a straw,” Mr. Dick said.
On the fringes of the bandshell, the Cosmic Sinse Patrol pledged to protect the world’s pot, and watched Mr. Dick as he made a full erection to his feet and said. “The only thing he could fuck is a whale.”
Then the Sinse Patrol, wearing five suits and silver buttons, cocked their plastic pistols and snuffed the Horny Alien, a tin-foil space invader type character.
“Mine’s inter-galactic. It shoots lasers,” the Horny Alien shouted wiggling his tin foil penis. “Tssss! Tssss!”
Asked how he was enjoying the Halloween Festival, Mr. Frame said, “I’ve been framed.” The identity of the frame up was a Shands administrator who wished to remain anonymous.
Pogoing to the beat of “I’ve Got to Get Organized,” Shithead, wrapped in a brown paper bags and toilet paper, said he had only two words for the ball. “It’s Great.”
Mark Nichols, a.k.a. H.G. Wells, a grotesque space creature, pointed to an empty bottle of Black Velvet whiskey on the ground and blamed it on his gruesome transformation from humanoid to monster.(cont’d, year, after year, after year.)

“The Freaks Come Out At Night”
1984 Inspired by Pat Benatar and Rick James  

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The first thought was to make a song to compete with Pat Benatar. She was the hot at the time. Jalil Hutchins (WHODINI) was impressed with a rock band that funked so hard. Like Rick James, the Punk-Funk bassist who rocked.

Rick James (The Freak) v Ron Carter (The Distinguished Gentleman)

1980 — another music collision. Chic, and their use of “freak.” All of those songs, thinking of 42nd Street in New York City, thinking about the nightlife of New York City, Downtown, where the “Freaks Come Out at Night.”

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“America The Beautiful”
Frank Zappa 
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Guitar Magazine (1990)

After Show Free Jam at Sully’s Pub & Tiki Bar in Hartford, Connecticut: Vernon Reid (guitar), Doug Wimbish (bass), Keith LeBlanc (drums), and Jeff Smith (saxophone).

Who Do You Love?

1975 — At the time, Frank Zappa, was mostly (un)known for his comic lyrics (“Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow”), but that ignored the fact of Zappa being one of the finest composers and guitarists in a new genre of music called “FUSION.” Another Fusion pioneer, Return to Forever drummer Lenny White, prefers to call it “Jazz Rock” or “Electric Jazz,” and goes on to say if it weren’t for the electric guitar, there would be no “Fusion.” And of the players of the instrument, Frank Zappa was always one of the most important and influential. Musically, Zappa was something of an elitist, an intellectual, always thoughtful, and viciously funny. Instrumentally, Zappa defined, most vividly, White’s “Electric Jazz” description.

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Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

1977Earthrise” by Bill Anders (Apollo 8)
Voyager (Solar System Exploration)
Save Pluto (Planetary Slalom)
Flamingo Fashion (Ocean Drive Magazine, 2000)
Miami Beach Fur (Life Magazine, 1949)

1978FM (film)
Animal House (film)
1979Trouble in Iran
11/4/79 — 1/20/81 (444 Days)
Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan
Hip Hop Happens (Vanity Fair)
China Syndrome (film)
1980Just Say No
Fame (Movie)
1981  American Pop
1982Fast Times at Ridgemont High
1983Flashdance (film)



“American Girl”
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
1976 Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers  

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