1976 Gainesville was a familiar and frequent stop for the Allman Brothers, who had gone to high school in Daytona Beach. 

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Music of Florida
Allman Brothers
Lynyrd Skynyrd
The Outlaws
Fat Chance Band
Sea Level
Dixie Dregs
.38 Special
Atlanta Rhythm Section
Les Dudek
Steve Forbert

Green Grass and High Tides

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Mr. Saturday Night Special
Lynyrd Skynyrd
1975Nuthin’ Fancy
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Get In Get Out
Randall Bramblett tells the story of a Macon, Georgia band on the North Florida road, that always stopped in Gainesville.

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Florida Jazz
Dixie Dregs / Jaco Pastorius
Both Steve Morse and Jaco Pastorius are Floridians, and both played Gainesville in 1980. Morse, with his band the Dixie Dregs, and Jaco with Weather Report.
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1982Jaco Pastorius (Bass Guitar) and Steve Morse (Guitar) in a small New York City club in 1982, way after hours, jamming together, by request of an appreciative audience who knew what kind of treat they were in for.
Both Jaco and Steve were Floridians, and both had played UF and Gainesville frequently, and their musical paths had crossed a number of times.


1979Iranian Hostage Crisis (11/4/79)
Jimmy Carter,
Hip Hop Happens (Vanity Fair)
1980s  — Just Say No
1980Ronald Reagan