Gainesville Rocked 
The University of Florida attracted the attracted the world’s most popular musicians, in addition to the many who called Gainesville home.

((( locals rule )))

U2 at The Rathskeller
May 2, 1981 I remember the night well. I paid $2 for a ticket, and I met Bono and the band after the show. It was 700 jammed into the Rathskeller, with a maximum occupancy of 200. But nobody was complaining, and we were all having a good time. Not many had heard of U2 then, having just released its first album, “Boy,” But the band was young, energized, and in complete command of the room, the room that screamed for an encore after the band left the small stage. U2 obliged with extended versions of “I Will Follow” and “Out of Control.”

Bill Perry (UF)
john moran (Florida Theater)

Reitz UnionLittle River Band (On the Lawn)
University Galleries
Florida Museum of Natural History

George A. Smathers Libraries (East and West)
The Hub — Fast Food and School Supplies
The Rathskeller — U2
Richenbacker’s — “Gainesville’s Only Jazz Bar”
Sea Level, Pennsylvania (Fusion) band, Blue Stratocaster, Philip’s head screwdriver whammy bar, “kids today, don’t know what it’s like to drive in a real man’s car.” Spec’s Music (first corporate signage)
GREAT SOUTHERN MUSIC HALL — Muddy Waters, Bo Diddley, Return to Forever, Roy Buchanan, Spyro Gyra (tunes on Access album)
ONE WEEK IN ORLANDO: Billy Cobham, Sea Level, Spyro Gyra. Valentine’s (“Pancakes” — Lead clarinet, arthritis, MOFRO @ SOCIAL (54 N Orange Ave., Downtown Orlando)
John F. Seagle Building
Corner Bar (?) — Romantics, Artificial Ingredients (Bob Block, Mike Brennan, Joel Benjamin, Daryl Pinsky, Patty Avick)
HIPPODROME THEATER — “Death Trap” Bob Bartolotta (Lighting)

Florida Gym
Grateful Dead
Pat Benatar
Frank Zappa

dave hogerty

Making it a Swamp Again.
FLORIDA FIELD  — South Stands (wooden bleachers, tall, thin palms, a barely bigger than a high school gym scoreboard, a small windowless press box, and 100 yards of natural grass. Artificial (Intelligence) Turf, an error in judgement, and a costly meltdown.
How the University of Florida turned an elegant, classic, red-brick stadium into an obnoxious, over-sized, Bull Gator-funded SWAMP.
Tom Petty
O’Connell Center —

Elvis Costello
The Cars
Al Di Meola — (w/Jan Hammer, Anthony Jackson, Steve Gadd)
Tim Weisberg (w/Duane Allman)
Spyro Gyra — (Great Southern Music Hall)
Roy Buchanan Trio /Crack The Sky (bass), Tammy Wynett (drums)
Andy Kaufman — Women Wrestling, SNL, David Letterman
Marshall Tucker Band
B. B. King
Rick James
Pat Benatar w/David Johansen (Moved to Florida Gym)
Frank Zappa (Moved to Florida Gym)
Bandshell —
WEATHER REPORT w/Jaco Pastorius,
PETER TOSH, “Legalize It,” 
Devo (Aug 2, 1980),
Plasmatics (Oct 31, 1981),

Allman Brothers Band (Jan 16, 1982),
w/Psychedelic Furs (Sep 19, 1982),
Don Henley (Oct 10, 1982),
The Wailers (May 22, 1983)
Oingo Boingo (Oct 30, 1983) 
Outlaws (Oct 20, 1984)
The Ramones (Oct 31, 1984)
Charlie Daniels (Mar 9, 1985),  
Lone Justice (Oct 17, 1985),
INXS (Dec 8, 1985),
Warren Zevon (Oct 29, 1987),
Ian Hunter and Mick Ronson (Oct 29, 1988),
Screaming Blue Messiahs (Oct 31, 1988)
R.E.M. (Sep 30, 1984)
B-52s w/Love Tractor (Oct 1, 1989),
Bo Diddley (Mar 6, 1990),
Mar 1, 1991
Lenny Kravitz w/The Cult (Feb 9, 1992),
Midnight Oil (Sep 8, 1993)
Widespread Panic (Sep 9, 1994)
FLA/GA CONNECTION: Allman Brothers, Sea Level, Dixie Dregs, Cowboy, Fat Chance Band, Outlaws, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Steve Forbert at Lake Alice Field, a small, gator-filled lake at the bottom of Fraternity Row. The lake also serves as the center field “fence” for the softball field, which serves as a venue for such shows, with a stage set up at home plate. Also a center of attention of tail-gate parties and gatherings on Football Weekends.
Lake Alice — Softball at the bottom of Fraternity Row
Weimer Hall — (The Top of Fraternity Row)

1980 — John Lennon Assassination
The Day The Music Died Again — Futch and Bartalotta (Mourning in the Afternoon) Double Fantasy (Yoko Ono)

(Local) Jam at Kevin’s
“21st Century Schizoid Man” — visiting high school friend at his Cin City apartment (just behind convenience store), listening to his roommate’s King Crimson Court of the Crimson King album.
Johnny Hines
Payne’s Prairie
Weeds of Eden (Itchetucknee River)
Suwannee River Bluegrass Festival
Mayport Jazz Festival
Florida Theater
Bo Diddley
Muddy Waters
Return to Forever (John Moran)
Linda Ronstadt
Jimmy Buffett
Allman Brothers
Sea Level
Dixie Dregs
Steve Forbert
Fat Chance Band
The Police
Dire Straits
Bruce Springsteen
Frank Zappa
Pat Benatar
Talking Heads
Weather Report
Peter Tosh
Little River Band
The Cars
Elvis Costello
Andy Kaufman (Wrestling)
Al Di Meola
Tim Weisberg
Spyro Gyra
Wendy O. Williams
Eddie Money
U2 at The Rathskeller
Little River Band
Roy Buchanan
Spyro Gyra
Rolling Stones
Mayport Jazz Festival
1985 — Miami Light Project
Coming Home
Tom Petty
& The Heartbreakers
“Gator On The Lawn”
Mudcrutch, Dub’s, Depot Street, Crystal River, “Out on 441, Like Waves Crashing on The Beach,” “Heartbreaker Beach Party” (Crescent Beach)
Earl Petty (b/ Diane Julin) Tom’s father still living in the small house in southwest Gainesville. He lives alone now, tending to the garden out back, and entertaining the teenage girls from Orlando, who make the 50-mile trip up I-75 to Gainesville to watch Tom’s videos with his dad. They feel that much closer to Tom himself.
Homecoming Weekend at the University of Florida is always energized, and in 1981, with hometown boy and Gainesville’s favorite son Tom Petty back to play UF’s HOMECOMING, the sometimes sleepy little town was more electric and excited than ever.
Earl Petty lives the quiet Gainesville life — Usually.

A 1973 interview with Tom Petty and his Mudcrutch bandmates, when they were still a group of hometown, North Florida country boys, looking to make it in the music business.

1979— The Police @ Disney World (Tomorrowland)
1980 — Music at The University of Florida
Gainesville, Florida

Ground Zero
Holiday Inn
Krispy Kreme — Pink Neon, Robert McClure’s Second-Floor Apt.
Hyde & Zeke’s
Burrito Bros.
Florida Bookstore (off-campus, text books and artistic, hand-made ‘zines)


john moran

1981American Pop
1982 New York City Diversion