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“What A Wonderful World”
Louis Armstrong

1967 — Summer Of Love (San Francisco)
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Living Colour

“Imagine?” There Is No Heaven.
John Lennon 
Corey Glover (vocal)
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September 24, 2016 — Willie is a Vietnam veteran who was part of a Civil War Bugle Corp at the opening of the Smithsonian Institution’s  National Museum of African American History and Culture, on The National Mall in Washington D.C. President Barack Obama spoke, and the Freedom Sounds concert followed. The event featuring a number of indigenous art, culture, and musical displays and performances, ending on a large stage standing in the late afternoon shadow of the Washington Monument. Playing the day out, were, Stanley Clarke, The Roots, Public Enemy, and Living Colour, all exhibits in the museum.
Still Loud. Still Proud. Still Vivid.
After nearly 40 years on the Rock N Roll road, from “Cult Of Personality” to “Who Shot Ya?,” Living Colour still delivers its socially conscious and politically active message is as direct, pointed, and viciously honest as ever.
Vivid Imagi-nation
The Wonderful World …
In The Beginning. Vernon Reid’s band Living Colour staked its first musical claim in Downtown New York City.
A New Millennium. After a seven-year hiatus, and a chance meeting at CBGB’s, the band decided to reunite and schedule a 2001 Summer Tour.
The Day The Earth Stood Still. Living Colour was well into its reunion tour when 9-11 brought it, as it did everything, to an abrupt end.
In The Post-Apocalyptic Area. Reenergized, the band went out to finish what it had started. They never had more to say, and with a renewed sense of purpose and a sharpened edge, they went out to deliver their pointed, aggressive, and viciously honest message.
  THE DEVIL IS SINGING OUR SONG — Then Came Fox News, Neo Nazis, The KKK, White Nationalist Domestic Terrorism, and the petulant, sociopathic toddler named Trump, and his insidious, soulless, insurrectionist, Repulican “CULT OF PERSONALITY.”
of Living Colour
Vernon Reid (guitar)
Corey Glover (vocals)
Will Calhoun (drums)
Doug Wimbish (bass)


Where can we find light In this never-ending shade?

Amanda Gorman
National Youth Poet Laureate reading at President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris’ Inauguration, January 20, 2021.

“The Hill We Climb”
 Harvard Gazette
 Amanda Gorman A Conversation w/ Michelle Obama

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The walls between us all must fall.”

Living Colour

Living Colour
1993 — 
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2016Corey Glover ending Living Colour’s set at the Freedom Sounds concert, ending the day that began with president Barack Obama speaking to open the Smithsonian Institute’s long-awaited Museum of African American History and Culture. 

September 24, 2016 — Living Colour was invited (with Public Enemy and The Roots) to play the opening of The Smithsonian Institute’s Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington D.C. The FREEDOM SOUNDS  concert that included Public Enemy and The Roots, followed president Barack Obama’s speech, dedicating the long awaited opening of Washington’s newest museum.

Moved by the alarming frequency of gun violence in America, and it so often being against young, unarmed black men by an overly militarized police force, Living Colour released Who Shot Ya?,” a Biggie Smalls cover, recorded for its (yet-to-be-released) Shade.

And Now? Post-Obama? After-Trump? … Living Colour’s first shot across the right-wing bow was the release of Shade. in 2017.his time the band’s own “Freedom of Expression” is a vociferous fight to defend another (1st) Amendment to the United States Constitution that finds itself under a relentless, “Make America Great Again,” sanctimonious attack.
IN THE BEST OF WAYS, Living Colour is the same kick-ass, rock n roll band from New York City, Kick-Ass band, that with a little help from fan Mick Jagger, exploded onto the world stage in 1989. The same aggressive band that’s never been shy to howl at the establishment moon. “Back In The U.S.S.R.”

“Who Shot Ya?”
Living Colour (EP)  
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2017 — “Blak Out,” (Shade) At the Epcot Food & Wine Festival. “Who Shot Ya?” Dancing With a Princess, Middle America Serenade, Playing to the crowd.

Living Colour (discography)
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Little Axe (discography)
Bernard Fowler (discography)

Tokyo w/ Doug Wimbish, Jan Hammer, Simon Phillips, Carlos Santana


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1987 — Mick Jagger Primitive Cool (Columbia)
w/ Bernard Fowler, Doug Wimbish, Simon Phillips 
Australia and Japan, as the Brothers of Sodom, w/ Joe Satriani, Jimmy Rip