“Enjoy The Silence”
Vernon Reid & Masque
Other True Self
((( song )))


Living Colour
December 21, 2000
CBGB Impromptu Reunion
2001 — In The Post-Apocalyptic Area
Living Colour Reunion Tour
9-11 Interruption


2001 — James “Blood” Ulmer Memphis Blood: The Sun Sessions (Grammy Nominated)
2002Front End Lifter (Yohimbe Brothers)
2003CollideOscope (Living Colour)
— James “Blood” Ulmer No Escape from the Blues: The Electric Lady Sessions

“MAGIC SCIENCE” — Brooklyn Academy of Music
Experience Music Project
Seattle, Washington
Gil Evans Orchestra
(w/Medesky, Martin & Wood) performing Gil Evans’ arrangements of Jimi Hendrix

2003More Jack than God (Jack Bruce)
— Spectrum Road (Carlos Santana/ Cindy Blackman)
— Willisau JazzFestival (Living Colour)
2004 — The Tao of Yo (Yohimbe Brothers)
— Known Unknown (Masque)
— Back In Colour (Living Colour Compilation/Vivid to CollideOscope)
— Music supervisor for Mr. 3000 (movie) starring Bernie Mac
2005 — Living Colour Live From CBGB (December 19, 1989)
— JAMES “BLOOD” ULMER Birthright

Blue Blood
w/ Blood Ulmer

— Blood Ulmer

2006 — w/James Blood Ulmer (Memphis Blood Live in Paris) “Spoonful”
James Blood Ulmer – guitar/vocals
Vernon Reid – guitar
Charlie Burnham – violin
David Barnes – harmonica
Mark Peterson – bass
Aubrey Dayle – drums
Leon Gruenbaum – piano

2006 — Other True Self (Masque) w/Steve Vai (Favored Nation)
2007 — JAMES “BLOOD” ULMER Bad Blood in the City: The Piety Street Sessions
— Urban Mythology Vol.#1 (Free Form Funky Freqs)
— Living Colour @ Wimbash (Sully’s Pub & Tiki Bar) Hartford, Connecticut
—  Living Colour @ Paris (DVD/CD)

2009Chair In The Doorway (Living Colour)

Spectrum Road
w/Jack Bruce, Carlos Santana
Cindy Blackman, John Medeski

w/ David Murray and The Last Poets
Tribute to The Black Panther Party


2010“Tongues On Fire”
A musical homage to The Black Panther Party
A political organization dedicated to raising African-American consciousness
National and International Impact [mid-1960s into the 1970s].
Emory Douglas — Black Panther Minister of Culture (Graphic Artist/Art Director)
THE LAST POETS — Umar Bin Hassan and Abiodun Oyewole (“Inner City Blues”)
Two core members of the politically charged group of writers/rappers
Dedicated to raising African-American consciousness

[1969] — Vietnam / Woodstock / Man On The Moon / Urban Riots

written b/ DAVID MURRAY
performed b/ LIVING COLOUR
Produced b/ Amos Rozenberg
Valérie Malot for 3DFAMILY
Reza Ackbaraly for for MEZZO TV.
Directed by DOCTOR L.
Broadcasted on MEZZO TV (November 2010.)
2011 — Artificial Afrika

— Artificial Afrika

Richard Pryor and a friend in the backseat of a cab, taking a ride on the outskirts of .______,

2015 Day of Supreme Court Decision (Right to Marry) put “Bi” in the set.
2016 “Who Shot Ya?” (EP/MixTape)
Biggie Smalls/ Black Lives Matter/ Gun Violence
2016FREEDOM SOUNDS — Living Colour (Washington D.C.)
September 24, 2016
The Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum
African American History & Culture.
2017 Shade (Living Colour)
2018 October 28 @ SF Jazz (Joe Henderson Lab)
Traditions In Transition
Vernon Reid’s Band of Gypsies Revisited
Celebrating Hendrix’ 75th
VERNON REID — Rolling Stone’s list of 100 Greatest Guitarists
Living Colour bandleader (#66)
Reid plays tribute to Jimi Hendrix’s funkiest ensemble
Celebrating the late guitar icon’s 75th birthday.
“Reid reinvigorated hard rock with shots of soul, jazz and hip-hop.
“His solos embrace the free-form abstraction of his early days as a jazz player,
“But they flex enough muscle to bowl over any Metallica fan.

2018 Miles Davis (Bitches Brew) Project w/Lenny White



[Living Colour Vivid]
[Guns ‘N’ Roses Appetite for Destruction]
[Joe Satriani Surfing With the Alien]