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“American Pie”
((( Apollo 8 ))) 

Earthrise” by Bill Anders (Apollo 8)



In the beginning, God Created The Heavens and The Earth.

Christmas Eve 1968


28° 36′ 30.2 N 80° 36′ 15.6 W
Sacred Ground At the east end of State Road 50, looking across the Indian River Lagoon, at Launch Complex #39 and the VAB rising out of the palmetto scrub that covers most of Cape Canaveral, the exact spot from where twelve American Astronauts left the Earth on their way to the Moon.

Hub’s Inn, the old, deteriorating corrugated metal building on the Indian River in Cocoa, once was a famous (sometimes infamous) seafood restaurant that throughout the 1920s and 1930s attracted the most discriminate fish eaters from around Florida,  diners including Al Capone and his entourage who sailed his 70-foot motor yacht up the intracoastal waterway from his Spanish Mansion on Miami Beach. Hub’s closed in 1974, as did NASA’s Apollo program, five years after it had met president Kennedy’s (Man On The Moon) challenge.


“A Day In The Life”
Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
1968 Assassination, Voodoo & War

((( look ahead )))


“Living In The U.S.A.”
Steve Miller
1968 — A More Patriotic View
& The Dark Side Of The Moon.
((( on the radio )))


Ooo, Ooo Josh …

Look at the ball of fire!

Launch Day  Ten minutes on Florida’s Space Coast, including a young family, seeing its first launch (the space shuttle Discovery)from the front yard of their (recently purchased) 1880s Florida cottage on the Indian River in North Cocoa. 
On this launch day, you’ll hear the roar and rumble of the rocket, and even more dramatic, Grandma Rose shrieking when the shuttle lit up, lifted off the horizon, and rose into the sky.

She calls out excitedly to her 5-year-old grandson,“Ooo, Ooo Josh … Look at the ball of fire … Look at the ball of fire!

“I Wanted To Be A Spaceman”
Harry Nilsson
Son of Schmilsson
((( on the radio )))

Miles Davis Bitches Brew /
JFK in Space by Robert Rauschenberg /

After Apollo, and before the Shuttle, much of the visible work on the Space Coast was the testing of various military projects. One of the most visible was the United States to replace the 60s era Polaris missiles with the more dependable, more accurate, and more lethal Trident. Like all missile and rocket technologies, it takes many failures before any “advance” becomes reality.

“Voodoo Chile”  
Jimi Hendrix
Electric Ladyland
1968 Voodoo, Assassination & War

On the night I was born, I swear the Moon turned a fire Red.”
((( premonitions )))

“Earthrise” by Bill Anders (Apollo 8)

One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for Mankind”

1968 Apollo 8
Pink FloydDark Side Of The Moon” (1973)
Apollo 8 Earthrise” (1968)

GalileoStarry Messenger (1609)
Sir Isaac Newton  “Opticks” (1704)

Cave of Altamira” (36,000 YEARS OLD)
Paleolithic (Stone-Age) Man
Discovered Santillana del Mar, Spain (1868)

Art & Light In The Sky
Jimi Hendrix
Bob Dylan & The Beatles
Are You Experienced, Axis: Bold as Love,  Electric Ladyland,  Band of Gypsys, Woodstock, Live at The Fillmore East (New Years 69/70)

Neil Armstrong
Jimi Hendrix 

1969Apollo 11 (Shoot The Moon)
“Fly Like An Eagle”
Steve Miller
King Biscuit Flower Hour

((( on the radio )))


Cocoa TODAY: Florida’s Space Age Newspaper

1970 —  Miles Davis
Bitches Brew
Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin I
Black Sabbath Black Sabbath
Deep Purple  In Rock 
1971What’s Going On

Marvin Gaye
1972 — “I Can See Clearly Now

Johnny Nash

1973American Graffiti
Paul Simon
1974 — There Goes Rhymin’ Simon
“When I think back on all the crap I learned in high school …”

((( nikon vision )))

Pink Floyd
The Dark Side of the Moon
1973 Looking Back to Apollo 8, whose crew were the first men to see the Dark Side of the Moon, and surprisingly more dramatic, to see a bright blue planet Earth rise above the colorless surface of the Moon, a living “Light In The Black.”
((( 70s MoOd )))

Sir Isaac Newton (1704)

1975“Space Station #5”
Ronnie Montrose, Edgar Winter’s guitarist, enters the “Fusion.”

1975“One Size Fits All”
There was always much more to (GUITARIST) Frank Zappa than not eating the yellow snow. Everything is “Fusion,” or “Fusion” is nothing at all.

Carl Sagan’s Cosmic Message in A Bottle

“Where The Boys Are”
State Route 50: The Road Through Florida Space & Time …
1960 — Weeki Wachee to The Moon
((( looking up )))


State Road 50 — “Florida’s Road Through Time & Space” by Skot Olsen depicts a Mermaid (Manatee) at Weeki Wachee Springs, looking east toward Cape Canaveral, the last spot on Earth touched by 12 American Astronauts on their way to walking on the Moon. “America” Florida Crossroads (SR50 & I-4) Orlando, Citrus Tower.

Voyager’s Return —  “Contact” (Planetary Slalom), “Soarin'” (Disney’s Global Glide) “SURFIN’ HOLLOW DAYS” (1962) Florida Surf, Daytona Beach, Satellite Beach. 

Sebastian Inlet — The dividing line between Brevard and Indian River Counties, and known as one of the finest surf spots, not only in Florida, but on the entire east coast of the United States. Where Kelly Slater got his competitive start.

Patrick Air Force Base, Picnic Tables, 2nd Light, Touch and Gos, Pineda Causeway shortcut, U2 takeoff, F-16s across the Turnpike, Hawk chasing Eagle, Isuzu Trooper (Red) Targeted by a pair of A-10s. After NOT seeing Pink Floyd in a torrential rain at the Tangerine Bowl. On to Gainesville.

“All Summer Long”
Beach Boys
All Summer Long

((( surfin’ safari )))


Weeki Wachee
Hope Springs Eternal.

“From The Beginning”
Emerson Lake & Palmer
((( time travel )))


Living In The Past
 Jethro Tull
1969Apollo 11

One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for Mankind. Meeting John F. Kennedy’s Challenge.
((( time travel )))


Hit The Road Jack
Ray Charles
#1 Billboard Chart

October 9, 1961 —
((( song )))


May 5, 1961Alan Shepard
Alan Shepard, the first American astronaut to be launched into outer space.

“A Taste of Honey”  
Herb Alpert ( w/Tijuana Brass)

Whipped Cream & Other Delights

“A Hard Day’s Night”
The Beatles

A Hard Day’s Night (Movie)

((( song )))


United Artists

1959 Some Like It Hot directed, produced and co-written by Billy Wilder. It stars Marilyn MonroeTony Curtis and Jack Lemmon, with George RaftPat O’BrienJoe E. BrownJoan Shawlee and Nehemiah Persoff in supporting roles. The screenplay by Wilder and I. A. L. Diamond is based on a screenplay by Robert Thoeren and Michael Logan from the 1935 French film Fanfare of Love. St. Valentine’s Day Massacre

Ella Fitzgerald

w/ Louis Armstrong
Porgy & Bess

((( orchestra )))

— A&M Records

“Destination Moon”  
Dinah Washington
Dinah ’62
((( song )))



SEPT. 12, 1962 — We Choose To Go To The Moon (Speech) —  Officially titled the Address at Rice University on the Nation’s Space Effort, is a September 12, 1962, speech by United States President John F. Kennedy to bolster public support for his proposal to land a man on the Moon before 1970.

Daytona Beach Racing (1957)
Two years before the first 500 (1959) Straight aways on A1A and the flat-sand beach, with turns through the tall oceanside dune.
Air Force Tunderbirds Introduction 

Space Coast / Cocoa Beach
Cape Canaveral/ Mosquito Lagoon/ Merritt Island/ Indian River/ Cocoa Beach/ Sebastian Inlet …


Weeki Wachee

Manatees and Mermaids
SR50 Weeki Wachee, Spring Hill, Homosassa Springs, Sinclair Dinosaur Gas Station, inland Florida swimming hole (as compared to the Venetian Pool in Coral Gables). HEAD EAST — Phosphorous, Pine Forest, Turpentine, Lumber, Paper (stinky pulp), Cattle, Horses, Citrus, Groves give way to Housing Development, Orlando, I-4 Crossroads, Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Colonial Drive, Old Downtown, Goldenrod (then), UCF (now), Walmart, Auto Dealerships, outskirts of (Orlando) town, International Airport, Automotive, Salvage, Bithlo Drag Racing, Moto-X, Roadside Navels, Gator Jerky, Christmas, Jungle Land, Panthers, Gators, Seminole living, St Johns River Crossing, Airboats, Fish Camps, (520-Lone Cabbage, West Cocoa, Spring Baseball, Astros), TITUSVILLE, US1, VAB.  

Patrick Air Force Base, Picnic Tables, 2nd Light, Touch and Gos, Pineda Causeway shortcut, U2 takeoff, F-16s across the Turnpike, Hawk chasing Eagle, Isuzu Trooper (Red) Targeted by a pair of A-10s. After NOT seeing Pink Floyd in a torrential rain at the Tangerine Bowl. On to Gainesville.

For thousands of years, pools of crystal clear fresh water have nourished Florida’s interior. After civilization, these natural springs were used for drinking, irrigation, and all sorts of aquatic fun (swimming, canoeing, diving). After development, Hollywood saw the potential in Florida’s landscape, exotic on its own with 1500 miles of diverse coastal shoreline, The Keys, Everglades, Lake Okeechobbee, Biscayne, Tampa, and Apalachicola Bays;  Hollywood movie sets, River Boat ports, Roadside Attractions, and of course, a source of bottled water revenue.

In the video (above) look and listen as you make one of Florida’s most interesting crossings, on State Road 50, from the ancient Weeki Wachee Springs, through phosphorous mines, pine forests, orange groves, ranches for both cattle and horses, into Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom, at the I-4 Crossroads in Orlando, on to the small town of Christmas, into the wetlands and crossing the St Johns River and its population of Alligators, Airboats, and any number of deer, boar, birds, reptiles, fish, insects, and many other Florida River Creatures.

All this before the last, lonely outpost, the Lone Cabbage Fish Camp  (now a popular, tiki bar-like, patio/wooden deck) burgers, fish, and alligator restaurant.

Final leg of SR-50 sees outskirts of town shack and trailer park neighborhoods before crossing I-95 and into the commercialized city of Titusville. Amidst the car dealerships, Wal-Mart, Target, and all the Applebees, Cracker Barrels, and other big corporate eateries, a few vintage establishments remain. The Waffle House and Southway shopping plaza still stand proudly as you come to the end of the road at US1. Looking across the Indian River toward Merritt Island and Cape Canaveral, the VAB (Vehicle/Vertical Assembly Building) and Complex #39 and the large, steel gantries marking SACRED GROUND — launch pads (A and B), the last spot on Earth touched by the twelve American Astronauts who walked on the Moon, and looked back to see their home, fragile, floating free in the endless blackness of space.