Queen Of The Ball
Wendy O. Williams

The Plasmatics
((( pornographic punk )))

stan badz

Queen Of The Ball

Wendy O. Williams, in the spirit of the night, wore next to nothing and aggressively led her punk band, the Plasmatics through a loud and angry one and a half hour set. An appreciative Gainesville audience named her the honorary “QUEEN OF THE BALL.” 

Oh, Wendy
by Bob Block
Alligator Staff Writer

Wendy Williams hates people telling her what to do. People talling her what to do makes her smash things. Smashing things makes her feel gooooooooddd. So smash things she does.
She is a bad little girl in a very big girl’s body. The pigtails have been replaced with a blond mohawk and the lace panties by black leather.
“I like Rock and Roll. Getting my brains blown out turns me on,” Williams said Saturday, a few hours before the Plasmatics’ Halloween Festival appearance. She runs her hands through her mohawk-cut hair taking pride in the offbeat.
Technically she is just the lead singer for the Plasmatics, but for all practical purposes, Williams is the Plasmatics. Her electrical tape-covered nipples, and onstage sexual hijinks have become more a symbol for the band than any of its hit tunes. (cont’d next year)


Past decadence still haunts the ball
by Michael Szymanski
Alligator Staff Writer

Squirming, twisting, headless creatures speckled by a sea of sequins and crepe paper stumble through a conglomeration of gross deformities, wild beasts, and assorted giant genitalia.
Aliens from other galaxies beam down for the haunting event, to be bald beings with elongated egg shaped skulls.
Beware of live Oreo cookies, killer bee swarms, and giant walking tampons. Beware of hairy moss monsters and gargantuan Fruit of the Loom underwear.
Beware of dark strangers in capes with bloodshot eyes who garble in heavy Alachuan accents: “Welcome to Gainesville-mania.”
Welcome to UF’s notorious night of decadence. Welcome to the Halloween Ball — er — uh — the Halloween Festival.(cont’d)

“Moon Germs”
Billy Cobham
Total Eclipse
1974 — At the time, all genres of music were colliding with one another, most explosively was Jazz and Rock, called Electric Jazz, or Fusion (The “F” Word)

((( fusion on the green )))


Herbie Hancock w/Bill Cosby 1978 Growl

Weather Report

Dixie Dregs

Sea Level

Allman Brothers

Frank Zappa

Al Di Meola

Tim Weisberg

Boys today don’t know what it’s like to drive a real man’s car. Pennsylvania, Blue Stratocaster, Philip’s Screwdriver, still whammy bar.

Roy Buchanan

Spyro Gyra

Main Street — Romantics, A

Artificial Ingredients

Daryl Pinsky, Bob Block, Joel Benjamin, Mike Brennen, Patty Avick

Little River Band

The Cars

Elvis Costello

Talking Heads

Peter Tosh “Legalize It”


Fat Chance Band


Lynyrd Skynyrd

Jam at Kevin’s

Mayport Jazz

Suwannee River Bluegrass






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