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Photojournalism w/ Not a Job
It seems that in Donald Trump’s (and the republican party’s) America, taking pictures is against the law, that is according to the Fort Lauderdale police department, property management companies, landscaping companies, and any number of corporate and government organizations, who don’t recognize (photo)journalism as a legitimate profession.
For me personally, this opinion is also held by the Ocean Club board of governors, those who dictate “the rules” in the building I have called home for the past twenty years.

“You don’t have a job.”

I’ll take you to jail for trespassing.


AM Oil Delivery

The Start of a new day, same as the past day.

Take My Picture

Day after police encounter 2



Cynthia takes my picture

Blames my throwing excess water, after watering our plants on the balcony, for the delay in the concrete restoration/waterproofing project. And then called the police on behalf of the concrete grinders, saying a few drops of the water landed on him.

Leaf Blower Attack #2 (edit)

Leaf Blowers w/ Percussion

Now it’s laying tile, and hammering the mortar that had dried in the pails overnight.

Leaf Blower Attack #2 (full)

The Beat Goes On


After Castle Group Management called the police to report me, the contractors became even more embolden, feeling it had been confirmed that my taking pictures was a violation, and they had the “right” to attack me.

Getting Nowhere

Since complaining about being surveilled by the first Castle Group on the second day of the management company’s presence on the Ocean Club premises, and complaining every time since, the results have done nothing to stop outsiders coming into the building in which I reside (and am an owner), and proceeding to photograph me.
Always siding with the offenders, and denying my right (as I announced to every Castle Group manager) to photograph (as a journalist) the work being done on the Ocean Club, work for which I’ve been assessed more than $25,000.

Surveying Castle Group Domain

After having called the police, again.



“Stop bothering the construction workers.”

Second Day encounter with Fort Lauderdale police officer Keith (R…), when he was acting on behalf of the Castle Group Property Management company.

Open for business

Same as it ever was.

Contractor’s Defiance

Having never been admonished for their attacking me, as I simply go about my business of documenting the work on my building, the contractors continue to stop their work to mock, surveil, and attack me.

Next Day Attack

Castle Group once again ignores my complaint.

A Florida Journalist, Photographer, and Art Director with an eclectic client list of individuals and organizations with musical, visual, educational, and editorial interests.

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