Roommates For Life
Virgina Copeland’s odd cast of mismatched characters say goodbye to UF, and hello to the “real” world.

Virginia Copeland

where did they fall?

Out of a job, Cannabis pays for his education by establishing the UF drug paraphernalia connection. He also smuggles liquor to 18-year-olds for a hefty profit. He graduates in 1998 as a pharmacist.

In Student Government, Dillard over does the brownnosing and develops a permanent stain. Lacking the physical attractiveness needed for a future in politics, he gets a job at Disney World as Pluto.

Flagged for a second time, Karen is denied graduation. She is imprisoned in the Tigert Hall basement until she pays the parking ticket for a car she doesn’t own. She is bound by red tape and (?) fed servomation.

Seeking comfort after his bike is stolen, Bert becomes addicted to Space Invaders … He can be seen along University Avenue begging for quarters to support his habit.

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