dave hogerty

ice cream couple

Joe Grant and Chauka Fleming enjoy the sun and ice cream, relaxing at the Renaissance Fair.

As I came upon this couple, and shot their picture outside an ice cream shop on University Avenue, I walked away thinking I had just captured an everyday slice of college life. At the time, I was new to Gainesville, and I was surprised by the angry “letters to the editor.” They were anonymous, but the writers revealed exactly who they were. One stand out was specifically critical of The Alligator, calling the picture “PORNOGRAPHIC,” and calling the woman a “NIGGER-LOVING WHORE.”

The (anonymous) letters weren’t published, but having read them, my eyes were wider open they had been eye-opening. Welcome to Gainesville, and Florida’s premier institution of higher learning. Deep South North Florida … Same as it ever was.

Swastika defaces Israeli wall mural
January 9, 1981
by Kiki Bochi

albert diaz

Weaver Hall third floor resident returned from break to find a swastika painted over the Israel flag he had painted last quarter.


al ferguson

no ifs, ands, or butts

Even Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity wisecrackers bare their opinions about the recent controversy over the pending removal of the UF Lesbian and Gay Society from its Reitz Union office. UFLAGS is scheduled to be evicted from its office today, but members plan to appeal to the Board of Regents.

march 19, 1982
vol 75 no. 129
Southerland narrowly captures top SG spot
by Lisa Bachman
Senate shreds UF construction budget
by Frank LeMonte


sandy felsenthal

dave hogerty

dave hogerty

Some were offended, and wrote letters (to the editor), claiming that Jim Sumerlin letting his daughter Lea hold and take swigs out of her dad’s Heineken was child abuse, and the Alligator shouldn’t have “promoted” it.



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