vol. 1 no. 1
florida history (1912-1983)
Much more than just another sleepy, little, North Florida town.
New Student Edition 1981
OPINION (Letters To The Editor)
CONVENIENCE (Is In The Eye of The Beholder)
Gainesville Green (“I’d like to fertilize her buds”)
TOM PETTY (Coming Home)
MUSIC (The Sound of Higher Education)
PREACHERS (On The Green)
In The Beginning/Independence Day (Alt.)
Naked Launch (Pretty As A Florida Picture)
Diamond Teeth Mary (Singing With The Devil’s)
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Vol 1. No.1
1912  — The first Florida Alligator was published five months after the Titanic hit an iceberg and sank in the North Atlantic.
2023 Back To Where It All Begins. (The Allman Brothers Band) A.A. Murphree, Ron DeSantis, Ben Sasse.

(Photograph b/ Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Henry Morrison Flagler (holding hat in circle) greets a crowd upon his arrival on the first train into Key West, Florida, January 22, 1912. Flagler built the Florida East Coast Railway as a way of linking his string of hotels and other properties in Florida, finally stretching the railway across seven miles of open water in into Key West, the southernmost point in the United States.

1912 When University of Florida president Albert Murphree was preaching to new students the importance of their coveting Christian values, he couldn’t have imagined The Halloween Ball, an annual event since 1970, and the subject of so much of the most entertaining University of Florida lore.


Progressive Era (1890s–1920s)
The Rich Get Richer (Lochner) Era (1897–1937)
U.S. Occupation of Haiti (1915–1934)
World War I, U.S. involvement (1917–1918)
First Red Scare (1917–1920)

1910s WWI, Ford, Model T, Titanic

1912 — The Overseas Railroad opens: the first train arrives in Key West, Florida, at 10:43 a.m. with Henry M. Flagler, the railroad’s creator and owner, aboard. Oreo cookies introduced. RMS Titanic, Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox. Suffragettes and their supporters parade in New York City. President Theodore Roosevelt is shot by saloonkeeper John Schrank. U.S. presidential election, 1912: Democratic challenger and Governor of New Jersey Woodrow Wilson wins a landslide victory over Republican incumbent William Howard Taft. Taft’s base is undercut by the Progressive Party candidate (and former Republican) Theodore Roosevelt, who finishes second, ahead of Taft. W. C. Handy publishes his “Southern rag” “The Memphis Blues.” The Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism is founded in New York City.

Willy Stöwer

In the early hours of April 15, 1912, the RMS Titanic sank in the North Atlantic on its maiden voyage from South Hampton (England) to New York City. At the time, Titanic was the World’s Largest  Ocean Liner.

After decades struggling with weather (Heat/Hurricanes), insects (Mosquitos), and the engineering difficulties to build a bridge across the ocean, in 1911, Henry Morrison Flagler could see the light at the end of the tunnel. His crews were working on the last leg of his East Coast Florida Railroad. Near connecting the last two, southernmost keys running south into the Florida Straits. Key West, just 90 miles north of Cuba was Flagler’s “Moon.”  The impossible dream he had since building his first hotel in St. Augustine, the Ponce de Leon in 1888.

1913 — Anderson Hall and Peabody Hall built at the University of Florida, Pensacola Naval Air Station, Joe’s Stone Crab, Venetian Causeway (Miami-Miami Beach)

1916PROHIBITION: Florida became the only state to elect a Prohibition Party candidate for governor, Sidney J. Catts. One year later, voters mandated statewide prohibition in advance of the Eighteenth Amendment. Race and gender mores also shaped and were shaped by the temperance movement.

Florida (1907) Postcard

1885 Thomas A. Edison started spending his winters in Fort Myers, where he built a laboratory where he continued his numerous scientific and technological experiments, in his addition to managing a small rubber plantation at the heart of his botanical research. Information relevant to his friend Harvey Firestone, who he saw often in Ormond Beach at his friend Henry Morrison’s hotel. Also frequent participants in these Guilded Age social gatherings were Henry Ford and …

1919Prohibition In Florida: Havana, Cuba, Rum Runners, (Bacardi/Cane) Key West, Bahamas, Miami,  Bill McCoy, “The Real McCoy.” Jamaica, Haiti, Puerto Rico …

Ziegfeld Girls were the chorus girls and showgirls from Florenz Ziegfeld‘s theatrical Broadway revue spectaculars known as the Ziegfeld Follies (1907–1931), produced in New York City. The revues were based on the Folies Bergère of Paris.  Erté Fashion. Ziegfeld Girl (1941)

Ziegfeld Girls b/ Alfred Cheney Johnston
Art Deco Weekend (Miami Beach Century) Poster b/ dave hogerty

november 12, 1922
vol. XI no. 9

20sProhibition, Babe Ruth, Suffragettes, Spirit of St. Louis, 1929 stock market crash.
1920s (FLORIDA) 
1920 Red Scare, Babe Ruth traded to Yankees, The Human Fly climbs the Woolworth building in NYC, January 13 – The New York Times ridicules the American rocket scientist Robert H. Goddard. (Decades later, on July 17, 1969 as the Apollo 11 crew head to the Moon, the Times retracted the editorial.)

Eighteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, ACLU, Oahu sugar strike of 1920, Pro Wrestling at Madison Square Garden, The League of Women Voters, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority (Inc.) is founded on the campus of Howard University in Washington D.C., United States Congress refuses to ratify the Treaty of Versailles, The first game of the Negro National League baseball is played in Indianapolis, Indiana, During the 1920 Republican National Convention in Chicago, party leaders gather in a “smoke-filled room” of The Blackstone Hotel to decide their presidential candidate, The U.S. Post Office rules that children may not be sent via parcel post, Cherokee National Forest is established, 1920 Duluth lynchings, Inglewood earthquake, Lynching of Irving and Herman Arthur in Paris, Texas, NFL, Nineteeth Amendment, Woman’s Suffrage, The Wall Street bombing: a bomb in a horse wagon explodes in front of the J. P. Morgan Building in New York City, First domestic radio sets come to stores in the U.S. – Westinghouse radio costs $10, Republican U. S. Senator Warren G. Harding defeats Democratic Governor of Ohio James M. Cox in the U.S. presidential election, the first national U.S. election in which women have the right to vote, OCOEE MASSACRE (FLORIDA), Black Cross Nurses, Van Wyck Brooks publishes The Ordeal of Mark Twain, arguing that Twain’s genius was twisted by the conditions and culture of late 19th-century America. This begins a reassessment of Twain, who has been seen hitherto mainly as a humorous entertainer.

1921Tulsa Race Massacre (Juneteenth June 19, 1865)
1923 — The first issue of Time magazine is published. The Rosewood Massacre (Cedar Key), a racially motivated massacre of black people and the destruction of a black town, takes place in Rosewood, Florida. Louis Armstrong makes his first recording, “Chimes Blues”, with King Oliver‘s Creole Jazz Band. The first Yankee Stadium opens its doors in the Bronx, New York City. Riegelmann Boardwalk at Coney Island officially opened. The Ku Klux Klan defies a law requiring publication of its members. Roy and Walt Disney found The Walt Disney Company. The Hollywood Sign is inaugurated in California (originally reading Hollywoodland). Illustrated Daily News first published in Los Angeles by Cornelius Vanderbilt IV. Vice President Calvin Coolidge becomes the 30th president of the United States, upon the death of President Warren G. Harding.

— Marx Brothers Cocoanuts

At the time “it” was called a “land boom,” in the end it was seen for what it was, a greedy, often criminal buying and selling of Florida.

june 19, 1923 
vol XIII no. 1

1927 — Pan American Airways opens in Key West
1929 — Wall Street goes BUST. Florida goes BOOM!
Let the Development of the Swamp begin.



1934 — 

30sThe Great Depression, Weegee (30s/40s Street Photographer), ORMOND BEACH, FLA.WPA, The Dust Bowl has been the subject of many cultural works, including John Steinbeck‘s 1939 novel The Grapes of Wrath, the folk music of Woody Guthrie, and Dorothea Lange‘s photographs depicting the conditions of migrants, particularly Migrant Mother, taken in 1936. AMELIA EARHART Miami Departure, PAN AM

1930s  (In Florida) — Hollywood used the Central Florida jungle to shoot many movies set in Africa, most noteably the “Tarzan” series of films, most shot at Weeki Wachee and Silver Springs. Amelia Earhart departs Miami on the second leg of her attempt to circumnavigate to globe, and is never seen again.

1930s — Dorothea Lang, Dust Bowl, WPA, The Winds Of War, Hitler, NAZIs, Hindenburg.

1936 Ormond Beach, just north of Daytona was home to one of Henry Morrison Flagler’s legendary hotels, part of a string that ran down Florida’s East Coast (Railway).  It was there, in the 1930s, where Flagler would entertain friends, drinking Old Fashioned on the veranda, and discussing business. Those friends included his Standard Oil partner, John D. Rockefeller, Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone, and Thomas Edison. All of whom were keenly interested in the auto racing on Ormond’s, wide, hard-packed, smooth beach was ideal for those whose life-long quest was for speed. 

1937 Amelia Earhart departed Miami, June 1, on what would be her last flight. She and her navigator, Frank Noonan, disappeared somewhere in the South Pacific Ocean, near Japan. Earnhart was in the middle of an ambitious and perilous attempt to circumnavigate the globe in her Lockheed 10-E Elektra. Throughout the flight, Earhart was not only the pilot, but also a journalist who sent regular dispatches to the Miami Herald for publication in its daily newspaper.



40sWWII, Citizen Cane (1941), His Girl Friday (1940)

American Gothic” b/ Gordon Parks

1942 — American Gothic, Gordon Parks


1950sAtomic Age 
 Growing Up With Rockets

Nancy Yaseco



Marlyn Monroe b/ WeeGee

The Right Stuff (1983), Hidden Figures (2016)

1960 — NASA, Cape Canaveral, Original 7 (Mercury) Astronauts, Gemini, Apollo … American Graffiti.
1961 Alan Shepard, Missiles In Cuba
1962 John Glenn, Orbits, Fiery Return.
1964 Beatles, A Hard Days Night
1967 Summer of Love, San Francisco
1968 Apollo 8, Earthrise, Assassination, Martin Luther King Jr., Robert Kennedy


Apollo 8 commander Frank Borman recalls most fondly the telegraph he received, thanking him, Bill Anders, and Jim Lovell for “Saving 1968.”


In The Beginning, God Created The Heavens and The Earth …

— Apollo 8

Earthrise b/ Bill Anders 

When the Apollo 8 capsule rounded the Dark Side of The Moon, Frank Borman, Jim Lovell, and Bill Anders were stunned by the sight of the planet Earth rising above the horizon. After days floating through nothing but the blackness of space, it was the bright blue water that reminded them of life back home.

Apollo 8, the first manned mission to the moon, entered lunar orbit on Christmas Eve, Dec. 24, 1968. That evening, the astronauts–Commander Frank Borman, Command Module Pilot Jim Lovell, and Lunar Module Pilot William Anders–held a live broadcast from lunar orbit, in which they showed pictures of the Earth and moon as seen from their spacecraft. They ended the broadcast with the crew taking turns reading from the book of Genesis.

One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for Mankind.


— Buzz Aldrin

That’s One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for Mankind.

Neil Armstrong

70s — Sex, Drugs, and of course Rock N Roll

Crime and Punishment

“Freedom Of Speech”
Above The Law
Pump Up the Volume (Soundtrack)

((( fighting words )))

The list Alligator editor Ron Sachs and his staff inserted into insert that got Alligator editor Ron Sach’s arrested, and in the end earned the right for the Alligator

1971The Alligator vs. UF
Ron Sachs Fought the Law, and the First Amendment Won.
Ron Sachs challenges UF President Stephen C. O’Connell over the publishing of a list of Abortion providers, and after two-years fighting in state and federal courts,  wins The Alligator’s Independence.
Scott Camil  — At the UF Homecoming parade (1971), Quakers, Unitarian Church members and Vietnam Veterans Against War (VVAW) members, including Camil, used the parade to make an anti-war statement. Dressed as rifle-carrying soldiers, some of them carried a coffin draped in an American flag, and carried a sign that read “The Impossible Dream — No More War.” People panicked after smoke bombs were ignited and VVAW members pretended to stab civilians (VVAW actors) in the crowd who had packets of fake blood hidden beneath their clothing. They then passed out leaflets to the crowd informing them that if they lived in Vietnam, this could really be happening to them, their friends, their family, and their children. It was during this period that the Orange County (FL) Young Democrats chose Scott Camil as their “Person of the Year,” causing a rift between the Young Democrats and the more conservative Orange County Democratic Committee.
1972Disney Cometh
Jack Jones w/Marianne Rooftop Lounge at Disney’s Contemporary Hotel, Lightning in the distance
1973 — American Graffiti

Independence Day

february 1, 1973
vol. ? no. ?


1974Nixon Resigns

1975 — Scott Camil shot in a so-called “drug sting”
Rocky Horror Picture Show, Steaking …

1976 — All The President’s Men (Movie). When journalism was cool. Almost Famous (2000)

When Reporters Were Cool
After Watergate and its Hollywood depiction, All The President’s Men, a generation of aspiring young investigative journalists was born. Many who wound up the world’s best started at the Alligator.



1977Star Wars, Saturday Night Fever
Between The Lines

1978FM, Animal House, (Toga Parties/Road Trips)
1979The China Syndrome, The Police @ Disney World, Hip-Hop Happens

dave hogerty

80sSpace Shuttle, MTV
1980 Fame, Empire Strikes Back

Rubik’s Cube, Post-it Note, Far Side, Jimmy Carter, Grain Embargo, USSR, GPS (January 6, 1980), Paul McCartney, Tokyo Arrest, Marijuana, ABSCAM, Pittsburg over Los Angeles (31-19),  Miracle On Ice (Winter Olympics), Voyager 1 (Janus) Saturn Moon, Moscow (Summer) Olympics Boycott, Kramer vs Kramer, All That Jazz, MARIEL BOATLIFT (April 15, 1980), Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Sunshine Skyway Bridge Collapse (May 9, 1980),    Magic Johnson (42 points)  Los Angeles Lakers (123–107) over Philadelphia 76ers, ARTHUR McDUFFIE MIAMI RIOTS (May 17), Mount St. Helens (May 18), Empire Strikes Back, Pac-Man, The Shining (Howard Appledorf), New York Islanders (Stanley Cup), International Court of Justice calls for release of Iranian Hostages, Indianapolis 500, Johnny Rutherford, Vernon Jordan  Shot, Recession Ends, CNN Launched (June 1, 1980), Ted Kennedy v. Jimmy Carter (backseat scuba gear), Nebraska Tornados, 1980 Heatwave, Wimbledon 1980 (Bjorn Borg d. John McEnroe), Jimmy Carter reinstates the draft in response to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

JULY 16 — RONALD REAGAN NOMINATION, Repblicans end long-standing support for the Equal Rights Amendment, Carter wins renomination, John Anderson (the independent),  1980 Damascus Titan missile explosion, Robert Redford Ordinary People, Janet Cooke, Washington Post, 8-year-0ld heroin addict fabrication, Philadelphia Phillies (4-2) over Kansas City Royals, The NASA space probe Voyager I makes its closest approach to Saturn, (within 77,000 miles of the planet’s cloud-tops and sends the first high resolution images of the world back to scientists on Earth.  MGM Las Vegas fire (Nov 21) and Dallas TV (Who Shot J.R.?), 
John Lennon is shot and killed by Mark David Chapman in front of The Dakota apartment building in New York City.

Iran Iraq War …

dave hogerty

1981 Space Shuttle (STS-1)
1982NO NUKES CONCERT: More than 800,000 showed up in New York City’s Central Park to enjoy the music, and show their support for the anti-nuclear movement., “Faggots Against Killing Men In War.” 


sandy felsenthal

Caped Crusader

A dreary downpour forced Matt Tanoui, a Pennsylvania resident, to seek protection under the United States flag during a “No Nukes” rally last weekend in Washington D.C. The rally was organized by the Coalition for a Non-Nuclear World. More than 200 grass-roots organizations supporting the abolition of nuclear technology were represented.


Under Fire

— dave.

1984Beat Street, KLB “No Sell Out” (Malcolm X), Keith LeBlanc w/Betty Shabazz v. Sugar Hill Records (The Robinsons)
1985 — We Are The World, Live Aid, Artists United Against Apartheid, Farm Aid, MTV (Year In Music), MICK JAGGER
1986Platoon (Oliver Stone)
1987Broadcast News, Wall Street
1988Working Girl, Colors, Living Colour Vivid, Steven Wright and Jerry Seinfeld play Gator Growl (1988).
1989Tack>>Head Friendly As A Hand Grenade


— dave.

1989 Bill Hicks

Living Colour (discography)
Tack>>Head (discography)
Little Axe (discography)

Bernard Fowler (discography)

1990Living Colour Time’s Up 
1991Biscuits  Lollapalooza New Jack City
1993Living Colour Stain
2004 — 
2010 —