After Midnight
1971 Mudcrutch, Tom Petty and his band at the time, played UF’s Inaugural Halloween Ball, starting at midnight, and ending at dawn, setting the highest standard when comparing Future Balls, with such a spectacular opening.

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Back then, the Ball started late, around midnight, and featured local bands, including Tom Petty and his band, Mudcrutch, what would become the Heartbreakers.

Mudcrutch headlined the Second Ball in 1971. Under a near full moon, Tom and the band played Midnight to Sunrise, and set a high standard for all future Balls to strive.

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Damn The Torpedos
1979 “Casa Dega” is a song about a small, Central Florida town (south of Ocala and west of Daytona Beach) that is home to a number of psychics, fortune tellers, and mystics who do personal readings in their homes for anyone who dares to ask.
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