End of an era
How the University of Florida administration turned a beautiful football stadium into an ostentatious “Swamp.”



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Danger Zone

The view sucks, Mr. Two-Bits never comes to lift them from their bourbon and herb-crazed state of mind. Torn between east and west are 6,000 procrastinators who waited until the last minute to buy season tickets. They’re a schizophrenic bunch who can’t decide whether to yell orange or blue when the ear-splitting cheer echoes across Florida Field. But these more-demented die-hards are there every home game screaming, smoking, and drinking their lungs, brains, and livers out.

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One of the most consequential, and unanticipated consequences of replacing Florida Field’s natural grass with artificial turf, is that the petroleum-based surface melted in the Florida sun, and became dangerously slippery,  resulting in an unusually high increase in the number of sidelining knee injuries.

Artificial Inteligence
When the powers that were decided it would be a good idea to replace the field’s natural green grass, with an artificial, petroleum-based, toxic goo. The more economical (never a need to mow) artificial turf, that is until it melted in the hot, Florida sun, becoming a slippery surface that resulted in a noticeable increase in incapacitating knee injuries.

The South Stand, known for its old-school wooden bleachers and the tall, thin palms towering over that end of the field, was demolished to make way for 20,000 more paid seats. 

Also as a music venue, for big acts, Gator Growls. The Eagles, Linda Ronstadt …


Florida Field
How the University of Florida turned an elegant, classic, red-brick stadium into an obnoxious, over-sized, Bull Gator-sucking SWAMP.

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Making it a Swamp Again.
FLORIDA FIELD  — South Stands (wooden bleachers, tall, thin palms, a large high school scoreboard reminiscent of high school, and that would have been comfortable on many high school fields. a small windowless press box, and 100 yards of natural grass. Artificial (Intelligence) Turf, an error in judgement, and a costly meltdown.
The Grateful Dead

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