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English Mad Man At The Controls 
Adrian Sherwood
Dub Syndicate
2002 — Naples, Italy  
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A master at the mixing desk, Adrian Sherwood has always pushed the electronic and technological boundaries when it came to producing musical sound. Following Chris Blackwell, Adrian spent time in the hills of Jamaica, working with a number of musicians who led him into the darker side of Reggae music. Adrian took his newfound inspiration back to London, where he recorded and produced music with UB40, Sinead O’Connor, The Slits, Little Annie, Depeche Mode, and in the mid ’80s, KEITH LEBLANC, and his Original Sugar Hill Rhythm Section mates, Skip McDonald, and Doug Wimbish.

And now, Adrian is known for his own sound. The sound he creates in the ON-U SOUND RECORDS laboratory. 

When English producer Adrian Sherwood met the Original Sugar Hill Rhythm Section, it was like a pound of Mercury had been thrown into a gallon of fresh water. After the explosion, out of the burning ash, rose an Industrial Funk Monster called TACK>>HEAD

When the band came to life, and set free in London’s Underground, the Young Americans’ Invasion of Britain had begun. [TAKING MICK JAGGER FOR A RIDE]

“Bless Those” (Little Annie’s Prayer)
Little Annie
1992 — Short and Sweet was an album Annie made with Adrian, who brought Skip McDonald and Doug Wimbish, his Tack>>Head bandmates, in to play guitar and bass. Wimbish co-wrote “Bless Those” with Annie, and the song was included on Living Colour‘s Chair In the Doorway in 2009. 
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1977 — Jean-Michel Basquiat & Little Annie

1979Iranian Hostage Crisis (11/4/79) Jimmy Carter, (Muslim) Students of Another Colour, Hip Hop Happens (Vanity Fair)

1979 On-U Sound Records
Real World Records

Peter Gabriel
Bristol, England
Massive Attack
Original Sugar Hill Rhythm Section
Doug Wimbish
Trippy Notes for Bass