[ Earth ]


“The Lunatic”
Pink Floyd
Dark Side Of The Moon
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— (NASA)

((( video ))) — When the Apollo 8 Astronauts left the Earth, they were to be the first to orbit the Moon, and see its dark side. It was Christmas Eve, 1968, when they were completing their mission, and were surprised to see what they hadn’t imagined.

Picture of the 20th Century
Frank Borman
Eastern Airlines
Miami A Go Go

“Shine On You Crazy Diamond”
Pink Floyd
Wish You Were Here
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The Fontainebleau
Miami Beach
Morris Lapidus
Lincoln Road
Amalie Rothschild (Painting The Town)
Al Di Meola
Victoria’s Secret
Miami A Go Go
The Right Stuff” — 2018 TV
John Glenn’s Orbit — “From The Earth To The Moon” (HBO)
Eastern Airlines
Frank Borman
PanAm” — 2011 TV
The Aviator” — 2004 Movie
Catch Me If You Can
“Tony Rome”
Frank Sinatra
Eva Gardner
Eden Roc
The Rat Pack
Jerry Lewis
“The Bellhop”
Dorothy Dandridge
Nat King Cole
Jackie Gleason
Wayne Cochran (1966)
JACO (Pastorius)
CC Riders
Sistrunk Avenue
Fort Lauderdale
“Where The Boys Are”
Spring Break

After Hours
Betty Wright
1968A local disc jockey introduced Betty Wright as “super-Miami’s own homegrown superstar.” Wright, who grew up in Liberty City, began her solo career at 11 when Clarence Reid and Willie Clarke heard her singing in Johnny’s Record Rack, the base for their Deep City label. A few years later she recorded Girls Can’t Do What the Guys Do, which earned her a spot on TV’s American Bandstand. In 1971, at 18, came the Big One, Clean Up Woman. It sold four million copies and hit No. 6 on the pop charts and No. 2 on the R&B rankings. In 1975, she won a Grammy as co-writer of Where Is the Love, the Roberta Flack-Donny Hathaway smash. In 1977, The New York Times called her “one of the great soul singers.” By 1983, she had recorded eight albums. Today, the soul music legend lives in Miami and continues to enjoy success in the music industry.

“Murph The Surf”

Ocean Drive

Art Deco Hotels

Esther Williams
Million Dollar Mermaid (Cypress Gardens)
Johnny Weismuller
Tarzan (Weeki Wachee / Silver Springs)
“When The Beach Was Hot”
Will Smith
Lenny Kravitz
Herman Leonard
Barbara Capitman
Art Deco Weekend
Will Calhoun