“You hired The Castle Group to ensure the residents follow the rules.”

— Rick Kleid (Castle Group Regional Director)

The “Royal” Service

— dave hogerty (OriginalNoise.Org)

The View From #308 (Ocean Club/Post Castle Group Management) — Just another Saturday morning (7:30 AM), living the life of “luxury” at the Ocean Club on the Galt Ocean Mile (Fort Lauderdale), after selling its Florida soul to the, bent-over-for-Vlad, Russian Mob-connected CASTLE GROUP MANAGEMENT COMPANY.

The only thing “royal” about the Castle Group is the royal fucking it gives to the residents of Florida’s once beautiful coast.

What do you expect from (King) James Donnelly, and his “Let Them Eat Tots” community relations Queen Kathy. A climate change-denying, Rick Scott-sucking, socially corrupt Canadian couple who cares more about managing their money, than serving the residents of the “properties” they extort.

[In the video, first you’ll see the view from an Ocean Club balcony, and hear the sound of the “property” managers “increasing the value of Kathy’s an my home on Fort Lauderdale Beach. Shortly after you’ll see me being assaulted by a leaf-blowing, property management employee, and then being told by a property management security officer, that the “property” (the sidewalk in front of my building) is “private,” and that I’m not authorized to take pictures there … as usual, threatening me with the Fort Lauderdale Police, if vacate the property.]

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