Who’s Suing Who?

Hello Martin,
Consider this video as my “official” complaint/grievance/or whatever the board wants to call it. I’m submitting it to (part-time resident) Bill Ricco and the rest of his Ocean Club board. Having been there when this guy (don’t know his name) assaulted me, you’ll notice the entire section of his rubbing my chest and creepily talking about how much he “liked” my camera is missing. Of course you know of what I speak, because you witnessed the entire incident, without response.
You also remember my saying I wasn’t calling the police (as the Castle Group does so routinely), but that I did want to make an “official” in-house complaint, to which you told me I could. Here it is. Please deliver it to Bill Ricco, and inform me of any action he, the Ocean Club “rule maker” decides to take against this Ocean Club resident who assaulted me in the lobby. I’m thinking that not assaulting fellow residents might be one of those Bill Ricco “rules” he hired The Castle Group to “ensure the residents follow,” right?
Thanks Martin,
I’ll talk to you soon.
— dave.