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1993 — While working on a record to follow Stain, a disappointed Reid decided Living Colour should take a break.

In the meantime, Living Colour’s 1993 looked, on television, like things couldn’t be better. They had already written and recorded a number tunes for a new record, won another Grammy Award for a cover of “Crosstown Traffic” on Stone Free, a Jimi Hendrix tribute record, contributed to two high-profile soundtracks, recording “Sunshine of Your Love” for James Cameron’s True Lies, and write and record “Me, Myself, and My Microphone” with RUN-DMC for Judgement Day.

It was something of an illusion, all the accolades were for efforts already made, Vernon, at the time, was looking for something different. After he officially ended Living Colour’s decade-long run, he immediately went on to work on a number of projects on his own, including a multi-song collaboration with his friends, Public Enemy.

Despite winning two Grammy Awards with Vivid and Time’s Up!, and the band’s newest, Stain, receiving widespread, critical acclaim, Vernon was disappointed, and decided to call it quits. [1995]
Sexual Healing


— video (NBC)

“I want a closet big enough to live in.”

a closet big enough for the world to live in.”

1993 Never reluctant to express their opinions, Living Colour played “Bi” (bisexuality), on NBC’s Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno.

the end of the beginning

Vernon and Living Colour were touring with the Bad Brains, one of their longest and closest musical partners, [Bad Brains] the legendary punk rock band from Washington D.C.
6“Visions” b/ Living Colour

—  New Yorker (Magazine)
After Living Colour’s dissolution, each member went on to work on solo projects, reunite with old bandmates, and join other bands, both in the studio and on the road.

Vernon [Solo] Mistaken Identity (1996) / [w/] David Torn and Elliott Sharp Guitar Oblique / Gil Evans Orchestra  Magic Science (Gil Evans’ arrangement of Jimi Hendrix, w/ Medeski, Martin & Wood / Madeleine Peyroux / Mariah Carey / Janet Jackson / Tracy Chapman / Jack Bruce / Carlos Santana / The Roots / Salif Keita / James “Blood” Ulmer / Yohimbe Brothers / D.J. Spooky / Free Form Funky Freqs / Masque /  Spearhead / Public Enemy / Rollins Band / B.B. King / Don Byron / Roy Hargrove / Bernie Worrell / Terry Bozzio / Black Sugar Transmission / Global Noize with Jason Miles / Miles Davis with Lenny White / [pre-colour] w / Ronald Shannon Jackson’s Decoding Society / Defunkt / Eye & I  …

Corey Glover[Vice] Hymns / Sonic Adventure Remix (1998) / Live at CBGB’s (1999) / Live at The Wetlands (1999) / [w/] Galactic

As Reverend Daddy Love, formed a band called Vice with guitarist Mike Ciro / (1998)  / with Galactic

Will Calhoun[Solo] Housework (1995) / Drumwave (1997) / The Will Calhoun Quintet: Live at the Blue Note (2000) / [w/] Head>>Fake (1996) / Jungle Funk (1999) / Herb Alpert Colors (1999) / Dhafer Youssef Electric Sufi (2001) / Native Lands (2005) / Life in This World (2013) / Celebrating Elvin Jones (2016) …  Bobby Watson, Sussan Deyhim , Jack DeJohnette , Pharoah Sanders , Wallace Roney, Bobby Thomas Jr., David Sancious, David Torn, Bobby Benitez, David Gilmore, Ornette Coleman  ( Paris In New York ) Mid-Town convertible; Meeting the Master:Out of the closet: One Stick, A headless rim, and a most memorable jam

Doug Wimbish[Solo] Trippy Notes for Bass (2000) / CinemaSonics (2008)  [w/] Madonna Erotica (1992) / Billy Idol Cyberpunk (1993) / Al Green Don’t Look Back (1993)  / Annie Lennox Diva (1992), Medusa (1995) /  Mick Jagger Wandering Spirit (1993) / Joe Satriani Time Machine (1993), Never Turn Back (1993) / Skip “Little Axe” McDonald The Wolf That House Built (1994), Slow Fuse (1995) / Carly Simon Letters Never Sent (1994), Carly Simon: Live at Grand Central Station (1995) / Bernard Fowler 12 Hits and a Bump (1996), Mas Feedback (1997) / Bim Sherman Miracles (1997) / Depech Mode Ultra (1997) / Rolling Stones Bridges To Babylon (1997) / Michael Hutchence (1999) / Jungle Funk (1999) / Herb Alpert Colors (1999) / Head>>Fake w/Will Calhoun (2000) / Dhafer Youssef Electric Sufi (2001) / Maffia w/Mark Stewart (2005) / WIMBASH FESTIVALS (2004-2017) / ART DECO WEEKEND (2012-2015)  [pre-colour] Wood Brass & Steel (1976) / Rose Royce (1977) / Musique (1978) / Sugar Hill Records (1979) / James Brown, Afrika Bambaataa “Unity” (1984) / Miami Vice w/Melle Mel, Jan Hammer (1985) / Artists United Against Apartheid “Sun City” (1985) / Jeff Beck Flash (1985), Guitar World Tour (1986) / Keith Leblanc “Major Malfunction” (1987) / ON-U SOUND / Fats Comet w/Gary Clail / Tack>>Head w/Adrian Sherwood, Gary Clail, Mark Stewart / Little Annie / Prince Far I (1988) TACK>>HEAD Friendly As A Hand Grenade (1989), Strange Things (1992)






The Wonderful World Of Living Colour
Pt.1 — a vivid beginning
Pt.2 — post-apocalyptic reunion
Pt.3 — back in the USSR
“who shot ya?”
SHADE (Sept. 9, 2017)


going underground.