There Is No Country

— dave.
photography  b/ dave hogerty
music  b/ Living Colour

It’s Easy If You Try.

Sept. 24, 2016Three bands: Living Colour, Public Enemy, and The Roots, played a concert on the National Mall in Washington D.C. as part of the long-awaited opening of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture. In the long, late-afternoon shadow of the Washington Monument, “FREEDOM SOUNDS” was the musical contribution to the celebratory day, that began earlier that morning with President Barack Obama’s delivering a personal, heart-felt, and emotional dedication.


— dave.

Singer Corey Glover raises a fist to end Living Colour’s energized set on the National Mall. Living Colour, Public Enemy, and The Roots, were all subjects inside the Smithsonian National Museum of History & Culture. (video  b/ — dave. hogerty)

The Smithsonian National Museum of  African American History & Culture.

The Bridge

Allan Harris, Doug Wimbish, and the extended Living Colour family play shows that do more to tell the truth about the fight for civil rights in America. Their voices are still loud, proud, and relevant. As always, Living Colour aggressively calls for equal rights, economic equity, and social justice, and there could be no more important time for a “CULT OF PERSONALITY” warning.