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How Far The Stone Has Rolled
Bernard Fowler
w/ Rolling Stones (Straight Ahead Jazz w/ Charlie Watts) Herbie Hancock … Philip Glass / Yoko Ono
Nicklebag (w/Stevie Salas “Trail Of Tears”)
Dope Fiend


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Celebrating David Bowie
March 15, 2019 — Ponte Vedra, Florida
March 16, 2019 — Parker Playhouse
Fort Lauderdale, Florida)

“Shine A Light” (Rolling Stones NYC)


2006 — Friends With Privileges (Bernard Fowler) (Sony Japan)
2015 — The Bura (Bernard Fowler) (MRI)
2019 — Inside Out (Rhyme & Reason Records)


— Rolling Stones

Bernard Fowler had been a Rolling Stone since the “Steel Wheels” tour in 1989, and since then he has been around the world many times, playing in front of hundreds of thousands. The difference in 2016 was the 500,000 Cubans had never seen such a show in Havana. … what was different in 2018, was the 200,000 people he was looking out on, were standing in the middle of Havana, Cuba.


Bacon & Eggs for Breakfast


Fowler’s first recordings were with the group The Total Eclipse for the album A Great Combination released 1975. In the early 1980s he was a member of The New York City Peech Boys with DJ Larry Levan and keyboard player Michael De Benedictus. The group had dance hits with tracks like “Don’t Make Me Wait” and “Life Is Something Special”. He provided vocals for the songs “I’m the One” and “Come Down” from the Material album One Down, where he was credited as a songwriter on several tracks. In 1982 Fowler sang on the Celluloid Records release Do The Smurf For What It’s Worth. Fowler guested on Herbie Hancock‘s classic electro-funk albums Future Shock (1983) and Sound-System (1984), as well as the 1985 albums Compact Disc by Public Image Ltd and Language Barrier by Sly & Robbie. In 1986, he sang a song written by Philip Glass (music) and Paul Simon (lyrics), which appeared on Philip Glass‘s Songs from Liquid Days. In 1987 he sang backup for James Blood Ulmer on America – Do You Remember the Love?, and the next year he appeared on Bootsy Collins‘s What’s Bootsy Doin’?. Fowler was the lead singer for the group Tackhead for several albums in the late 1980s and early 1990s. He has also appeared on albums from Herb AlpertLittle AxeTodd Terry, and Michael Hutchence, (formerly of INXS). In 1988 Fowler toured with Steven Seagal.


1985 — Fowler was hired to record backing vocals on Mick Jagger‘s first solo album, She’s the Boss. This proved to be the beginning of a lasting business and personal relationship, not only with Jagger, but with all the current members of the Rolling Stones, as he has also performed on the solo albums of Charlie WattsKeith Richards and Ron Wood. After Fowler had already performed as a session musician with individual members of the Rolling Stones on their solo projects, he was chosen to join the Stones on their Steel Wheels world tour, in 1989. Mick Jagger spoke about his choice of Fowler to sing backing vocals saying that Fowler impressed him because he had a wide vocal range, many musical influences, and stamina.


He has remained as a regular backup singer on tours with the Stones since then. Fowler was a feature vocalist on three of Watts’ jazz solo albums. The other members of the Rolling Stones have utilized his vocal talents on their solo projects, including Richards’ Main Offender and Wood’s solo projects.


Paradise Garage
w/ Larry Levan
“Bacon & Eggs for Breakfast”
(1982) Don’t Make Me Wait (Peech Boys)
(1982) Life Is Something Special (Peech Boys)

w/ others

(1982) Smurf For What It’s Worth (The Smurfs)
(1982) One Down (Material)
(1982) Future Shock (Herbie Hancock)
(1983) I Need You Now (Sinnamon)
(1983) Crazy Cuts (Grandmixer DST)
(1984) Sound-System (Herbie Hancock)
(1984) “Do You Believe” Beat Street movie/soundtrack
w/The Mariner’s Baptist Church Choir
(1985) Starpeace (Yoko Ono)
(1985) Language Barrier (Sly & Robbie)
(1986) Futurista (Ryuichi Sakamoto)
(1986) Media Bahn Live (Ryuichi Sakamoto)
(1986) Songs from Liquid Days (Philip Glass)
(1986) Axis (Jonas Hellborg)
(1986) Album (Public Image, Ltd.)
(1987) America – Remember the Love? (James Blood Ulmer)
(1988) What’s Bootsy Doin’? (Bootsy Collins)
(1988) Bass (Jonas Hellborg)

(1989) Friendly As A Hand Grenade (TackHead)
(1990) Strange Things (Tackhead)
(1990) Liberty (Duran Duran)
(1991) Videohead (Tackhead)
(1991) Johnnie B. Bad (Johnnie Johnson)
(1992) No Other World (Shining Path)
(1992) Onobox (Yoko Ono)
(1993) Stain (Living Colour)
(1994) Jazz Passengers in Love (Roy Nathanson’s Jazz Passengers)
(1996) 12 Hits and a Bump (Nicklebag) / Iguana Records
(1997) Power Inc. (Tackhead)
(1999) Michael Hutchence (Michael Hutchence)
(1999) Colors (Herb Alpert) w/Head>>Fake
(2000) Hot Night Tonight (Barbara Lynn)
(2001) Best of Material (Material)
(2004) Champagne & Grits (Little Axe)
(2008) Along Came a Spider (Alice Cooper)
(2008) Ever Changing Times (Steve Lukather)
(2010) All’s Well That Ends Well (Steve Lukather)
(2010) Bought for a Dollar, Sold for a Dime (Little Axe)
(2013) “Ronin” (Tao Of Sound)

w/ The Rolling Stones (inc. solo projects)
(1985She’s the Boss (Mick Jagger)
(1989) Steel Wheels (Rolling Stones)
(1991) Flashpoint (Rolling Stones)
(1992) Tribute to Charlie Parker with Strings (Charlie Watts)
(1992) Slide on This (Ronnie Wood)
(1992) Main Offender (Keith Richards)
(1993) Warm and Tender (Charlie Watts)
(1993) Slide on Live: Plugged in and Standing (Ronnie Wood)
(1993) Jump Back (Rolling Stones)
(1994) Voodoo Lounge (Rolling Stones)
(1995) Stripped (Rolling Stones)
(1996) Long Ago and Far Away (Charlie Watts)
(1997) Bridges to Babylon (Rolling Stones)
(1998) No Security (Rolling Stones)
(2000) Live and Eclectic (Ronnie Wood)
(2002) Forty Licks (Rolling Stones)
(2004) Live Licks (Rolling Stones)
(2005) A Bigger Bang (Rolling Stones)
(2005) Rarities 1971–2003 (Rolling Stones)
(2008) Shine a Light (Rolling Stones)
(2010) I Feel Like Playing (Ronnie Wood)
(2012) Light the Fuse (Rolling Stones) (a digital download through Google Music)
(2012) GRRR! (Rolling Stones) compilation album
(2013) Hyde Park Live (Rolling Stones)
(2015) From the Vault – Live at the Tokyo Dome (Rolling Stones)
(2015) Sticky Fingers Live (Rolling Stones)
(2015) Hyde Park Live (Rolling Stones)
(2015) Crosseyed Heart (Keith Richards)
(2016) Totally Stripped (Rolling Stones)
(2016) Havana Moon (Rolling Stones)
(2017) Sticky Fingers – Live At The Fonda Theatre 2015 (Rolling Stones)
(2018) San Jose ’99 (Rolling Stones)
(2018) Voodoo Lounge Uncut (Rolling Stones)
(2019) Bridges to Bremen (Rolling Stones)
(2019) HONK (Rolling Stones) compilation album incl. live CD (Lim. ed.)
(2019) Bridges to Buenos Aires (Rolling Stones)
(2020) Steel Wheels Live (Rolling Stones)
(2021) A Bigger Bang Live (10″ Vinyl, 2 track, RSD 2021)
(2021) A Bigger Bang: Live on Copacabana Beach (Rolling Stones)


— Alan Lomax

Muddy Waters w/ Rolling Stones
@ The Checkerboard Lounge (Chicago)
November 22, 1981 — In the middle of their 1981 American Tour, the Rolling Stones arrived three days early to three-night stand at the Rosemont Horizon. Chicago prior to playing 3 nights at the Rosemont Horizon.


— Checkerboard Lounge


Long influenced by the Chicago blues, the band paid a visit to Buddy Guy’s club the Checkerboard Lounge to see the legendary bluesman perform. It didn’t take long before Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood and Ian Stewart were joining in on stage and later Buddy Guy and Lefty Dizz also played their part.

It was a unique occasion that was fortunately captured on camera.
Now, restored from the original footage and with sound mixed and mastered by Bob Clearmountain, this amazing blues night is being made available in an official release for the first time.


Ladell McLin
Southside Chicago Kid
Uncle a singer (Chi-lites)
As a teen, waiting in a car, not knowing his friends were robbing the market they said they were going in to buy cigarettes.
Checkerboard Lounge (House Band)
w/ KoKo Taylor
Living in a SoHo Storage Unit
Wendy Oxenhorn
Great Night In Harlem
Apollo Theater
Mayor Dinkins
Quincy Jones
Bill Cosby
Chevy Chase
After Show
Magic Johnson’s Theater
Stanley Jordan (Straight Ahead Blues Jam)
LaFre Sci (Sandra Bernhard)
Harriet Tubman
Jeremiah Hosea (Gloria Gaynor)
Swiss Chris (John Legend)


Alligator Alley

Fort Lauderdale

— dave.

“Stormy Monday” playing on a generator in the small, old-strip mall, bar being run on a diesel generator out back in the alley.

Last L Train Stop
Before Linda Zacks, first stop after the crossing to Brooklyn
w/ French Film Crew (Chicago to New Orleans)
@ The Bitter End (NYC)
w/ David Pastorius
Paris Excursion
w/Ledell (Not Nea)