To Protect And Serve


A Different Shade of Green
In the name of “property” management, the climate change-denying, Rick Scott supporting Castle Group kills the Florida environment, caring for nothing but its bottom line. And a big part of its greedy, selfish business plan, having documentary journalism high on its list of priorities.
Take The Money and Run.


Landscapes By Design

As spokespersons of the various “property” management companies with clients on Fort Lauderdale’s Galt Ocean Mile, low-paid lawn mowers and security guards invariably dictate to me, that I have NO (U.S. Constitution, 1st Amendment) RIGHT to take pictures (as a photojournalist) in my neighborhood.

First meeting with Claude … the supervisor who, after assaulting me, calls the police to “report” me for taking his picture, an act he thought illegal, and violated his rights, because as he can be heard saying to the Fort Lauderdale police dispatcher that I “wasn’t a member of his family,” which he thought I had to be to legally take his picture. I met Claude a few days later, to tell him that I wasn’t mad at him, but was trying to “show” others how offensive it was to have those machines running all day, every day, in the neighborhood we pay to live in. He understood, and we parted ways harmoniously. Of course, Claude isn’t the boss, and it wasn’t long before we met again.


Claude got the message …

But he was still running leaf blowers under my window, the job his employer (Landscapes By Design) expected to do … using the loud machines because they were more “efficient,” and of course, with no consideration of how it impacts the quality of life for the residents on the Galt Ocean Mile.

Sounds Like Paradise?

Saturday morning (8AM) — Let the Castle Group party begin. As a complaining 20-year resident, I’m told that using leaf blowers is “more efficient,” and an economical way to increase the value of my “property.”
To which I say “fuck the Castle Group,” I bought a home, not an investment in the Ocean Club on the beach in Fort Lauderdale, and I resent a two month, part time (seasonal) resident being installed as president of the building’s board of governors, and immediately hiring a management company to “ensure the residents follow the rules,” while he (Bill Ricco) authoritatively decides to convert our east coast Florida home into a Sandals-style, timeshare resort.


“You don’t have a job.”

Coincidentally, the Fort Lauderdale police officer responding to my (first) complaint that a leaf blower had blown his machine in my face, after I shot his picture, like the “property” management security guard, said that photojournalism, in his opinion, was not a job … and my taking pictures was interrupting the leaf blower’s work.

I’ll take you to jail for trespassing.

“It’s Illegal for ME to take a picture …

Note that after the concrete restoration foreman informs me that it is illegal for me to take his picture, two members of his crew proceed to take my picture, and threaten to assault me for good, intimidating measure.

… and for taking a picture, apparently, the subject is allowed to assault me.

For the record, police have said in the past, that having been blown in the face with one of these machines, isn’t actually an assault or battery, because there was no “physical” contact. As a photographer, who values my eyes, I beg to disagree, but understand. The police officer who responded to Claude’s complaint that I had taken his picture, did say that hitting the camera as I held it to my eye would be considered “physical” contact.

“Stop bothering the construction workers.”

Second Day encounter with Fort Lauderdale police officer Keith (R…), when he was acting on behalf of the Castle Group Property Management company. The first thing he said to me upon arrival, after having been called by Castle Group manager Cynthia Preziosi, who claimed that my taking pictures (documenting)the work (that I was paying for), constituted my disturbing/harassing the outside vendors. This after I complained (loudly) when she refused to tell the vendors that I have a right to take pictures of my building, choosing rather to tell me “not to go out there,” and then calling the police to tell me what to do.

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