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Paris Blues
Ladell McLin
2019 — 
((( southside soul )))


Fort Lauderdale, Florida Live at Alligator Alley
Ladell McLin played in the Checkerboard Lounge House Band, toured with KoKo Taylor, Chi-Lite uncle. French documentary Back To Mississippi, Chicago to New Orleans.

“I Am King”
Ladell McLin
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Ladell McLin
Southside Chicago Kid
Uncle a singer (Chi-lites)
Teenager — Waiting in a car, not knowing his friends were robbing the market, not buying cigarettes as they had told him. 
Checkerboard Lounge (House Band)
w/ KoKo Taylor
Living in a SoHo Storage Unit
Wendy Oxenhorn

Great Night In Harlem
Apollo Theater
Mayor Dinkins
Quincy Jones
Bill Cosby
Chevy Chase

Billy Bang
Branford Marsalis
After Show
Magic Johnson’s Theater
Stanley Jordan w/Jazz Singer

Yankees vs. Red Sox
Rachel Z
Jane Getter
Alan Harris
Jamie Cullum

Blood Ulmer w/ Vernon Reid

Had just seen (with Steve Pynes) the Marlins and the Cubs in Miami. Watching the sun set over the Everglades, in the last two seats of the largest crowd for a baseball game. Joe Robbie StadiumTop of the East side. Time Delay I think he just hit that out. Game-winning grand slam. Flat, running the bases as seen from so high.

Garbage Strike
Taxi Strike
Rachel Z
w/ Jane Getter in the Village
SNL bass
wait staff watching playoff game uon a small television under the bar.
Allan Harris
That looks like the woman from the food channel.
Sarah Moulton
She and husband owned the meat-packing district (9th Street) building Daughter curating a Run DMC exhibit. All Genres, All Run DMC. Paintings, Photography, Collage, Sculpture
Cheisel John
Drizzling rain … (luckily) found a cap taking us to Pat and Allan’s apartment in Harlem, on the river, looking across toward New Jersey.
Dick Stockton
Leslie Visser
A Couple In Love
Aspen Jazz Board On their way to Havana, looking for Cuban acts/musicians to play their festival.
Prosciutto-wrapped Asparagus
Small library, sitting area just inside the front door
guitar on stand
MOM — You’re going to play something for us, right?”
Cross That River — Solo, on a small chair, acoustic guitar, to the room.

Jamie Culum — Downtown for pictures. 911 Firehouse and Yankee fans.
First trip to America, but aware of 911, the Yankees, and the Algonquin
The Algonquin Hotel
Round Table
Grapefruit and White Cranberry Martinis $20
Late to the show Wrong Oak Room
Nobody to the Paparazzi

Like in the movies … rushed through a working kitchen to the back door of the Algonquin’s Oak Room. The long, narrow room, both walls lined with connecting tables. We had the seats immediately to the left of the stage, next to the bass, just behind Cullum who was sitting at a lacquer-black Grand Piano.
Across from gay couple Mom had met on the plane on her way up from Orlando. She met Kathy and me at the Astoria Hotel. Not the Waldorf, the Astoria on 62nd Street where on the sidewalk out front, mixed in with the piles of garbage, all ties, belts, and assorted accessories were $2, according the labelling of the cardboard boxes the merchandise was packed in.

LaFre Sci (Sandra Bernhard)
Harriet Tubman
Jeremiah Hosea (Gloria Gaynor)
Swiss Chris (John Legend)


Alligator Alley

Fort Lauderdale

— dave.

“Stormy Monday” playing on a generator in the small, old-strip mall, bar being run on a diesel generator out back in the alley.

Last L Train Stop
Before Linda Zacks, first stop after the crossing to Brooklyn
Mississippi River
Chicago to New Orleans
The Delta
w/ French Film Crew (Chicago to New Orleans)
@ The Bitter End (NYC)
w/ David Pastorius
Paris Excursion
w/Ledell (Not Nea)