JAZZIZ was 20 years old in 2003, and it, like everything else in the world was still recovering from the shock of 9-11. JAZZIZ publisher and founder, Dr. Michael Fagien, wanted to make a “special” issue, as a retrospective gift to his readers, many who had been subscribers since the beginning. In 1983, while doing his residency at Shands Teaching Hospital at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Fagien created JAZZIZ to satisfy the need of his new family. Considering his love of Jazz music (especially Contemporary and Fusion), and his new wife, Lori, recently graduated with an advertising degree from UF’s College of Journalism, it seemed a music magazine was just what the young, family doctor ordered.

In its 20 years, with long-time editor Larry Blumenfeld at the helm, JAZZIZ had evolved into one of the music industry’s most respected publications, taking a place next to JazzTimes and Downbeat.
In the earliest days of publishing and selling music on the internet, a French publisher who had aquired the impossibly original “MUSIC.COM” address, asked JAZZIZ to produce a magazine that could serve as the physical table of contents, designed to attract readers to the site.

Original Noise (Visual Artists)
Patrick Farrell (photographer)
Brian Smith (photographer)
Enid Farber (photographer)
Jen Renninger (painter/collage artist)
Linda Zacks (painter/writer)
Skot Olsen (painter/tattoo artist)
Emilio Perez (graffiti artist/painter)
Bruce Helander (collage artist/educator)