Independence Day
february 1, 1973
vol 65 no 75

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Free ride

Armed with a court affirmed Freedom of Speech, the Alligator came out still fighting. Not surprising, the first story, stripped across the top of the first “Independent” Alligator, was about The Florida Marijuana Initiative (FMI) and its effort to have pot/weed/reefer (or whatever you choose to call the popular herb) decriminalized in the state of Florida. The War continues. (GAINESVILLE IS GREEN)

Independence Day
february 1, 1973
vol. 65 no. 75

FEBRUARY 1, 1973

As I understand it, a democracy, whatever that is, saved us from  something called Communism, whatever that is.”

Don Wright (The Florida Alligator)

On its first day of independence, The Independent Florida Alligator provided time and space for a reader (Phil Pique above) to express his opinion on actions and policy decisions the United States was making in its waging war in Vietnam. This guest column running alongside editor Randy Bellow’s first “independent” editorial. (HERE).

PERMISSION TO SPEAK FREELY: When The Florida Alligator editor severed its last ties with the University of Florida, and called itself THE “INDEPENDENT” FLORIDA ALLIGATOR, editor Randy Bellows took his first opportunity to speak in writing The Alligator‘s first “independent” editorial. In it, Bellows tells readers the truth about The Alligator and its points of view, socially, politically, and journalistically.


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Independence Day
The Alligator strikes out to set Gainesville and The University of Florida on Journalistic fire.
February 1, 1973