[ NYC ]


They Only Come Out At Night
“Joy & Repetition” (Soul Psychedelicyde)
— “we used to frequent this club down on 36th”
((( after hours in the city )))

Skot Olsen

“SHUT THE FUCK UP, we’re trying to make some music down here! Jive-Ass Mother Fuckers.”

John Zorn

Downstairs at the Knitting Factory, yelling up at Czech Republic President Vaclav Havel, U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, Laure Anderson, and Lou Reed, who were talking (loudly) at the bar. Zorn was playing with his Bar Kokhba band.

“A Shot In The Dark”
John Zorn
Naked City
1991 — Downtown NYC. Where the Jazz was Free.
((( free jazz )))


Downtown, the shadows seem darker, where music and art live “outside” the traditional lines.

Jean Michel Basquiat
Graffiti Rising

— Madonna

1982Madonna onstage at the Paradise Garage. At the time, Madonna was in a romantic relationship with Jean-Michel Basquiat, the homeless Graffiti Artist who captured the imagination and visual sensibilities of New York City’s Fine Art World’s Illuminati. 

Jean Michel Basquiat 
w/ Andy Warhol
Velvet Underground


The Doors @ The Factory (Movie Scene)
The Velvet Underground,
Lou Reed
Walk On The Wild Side
Oliver Stone
1980 — Ronald Reagan (Just Say No)
1982 — 
1983 — 
1984BEAT STREET, Herbie Hancock Sound-System Keith LeBlanc (“King Of The Beat”) “NO SELL OUT” (Malcolm X) vs. Sugar Hill Records (Joe and Sylvia Robinson) w/Betty Shabazz.

Petula Clark
— Things were different in London.
((( psychedelic pop )))

John Zorn
Naked City
Living Colour (Lollapalooza)
Jane’s Addiction,
Ice-T (Body Count)
((( east & west )))

1977 Saturday Night Fever, (Don’t Fear The Disco)

“Le Freak”
Studio 54 Rejection
1978 — Rick James (The Bitch) v. Ron Carter (The Distinguished Gentleman), Dave Chapelle, Animal House, FM (w/Tom Petty, Linda Ronstadt, Jimmy Buffett).   
((( “fuck off” )))

— yZ.

“Le Freak” was a song, that according to writer/guitarist Nile Rodgers, is meant to be a “Fuck You!” to Steve Rubell, the rude and obnoxious owner of  Studio 54 , the infamous Dance Club in New York City. The handling of the velvet rope entry process is notorious for it’s long lines, privileged clientele, and discourteous doormen, who were prone to personally insult those they rejected for not being important, rich, or pretty enough to enter.  Nile Rodgers, explains that it was such an experience that inspired his writing “Le Freak.” It was New Year’s Eve 1977, and Rodgers was pissed off when Chic bassist, Bernard Edwards‘ was refused entry, after having been invited by Studio 54 celebrity and friend Grace Jones. Rodgers didn’t know at the time that Jones had forgotten to have Rodgers and Chic put on the guest list … the list of invitees given to the doormen at the beginning of the night. In the documentary film, “How to Make It in the Music Business,” Rodgers explained that the “Freak Out!” refrain was originally “Fuck Off!,” but he knew they wouldn’t be able to say “fuck” on the radio. We first considered “Freak Off!,” but it sounded terrible, and we agreed, fortunately, on “FREAK OUT!,” words for any college frat house to live by.

1979 — The Police @ Disney World (Tomorrowland),  Iranian Hostage Crisis (11/4/79) Jimmy Carter, (Muslim) Students of Another Colour, Hip Hop Happens


“The Downbeat”
Original Sugar Hill Rhythm Section
Sugar Hill Records (Theme)
1980“The World’s Finest”
((( hip-hop beginnings )))

— SugarHill Gang

“Super Freak”
Rick James vs. Ron Carter
1981 — 
((( audio )))

— yZ.

“Out Come The Freaks”
Was Not Was
((( futuristic funk )))

Andy Warhol

“Sugar Hill Medley”
Original Sugarhill Rhythm Section
w/Melle Mel, Sugar Hill Gang
1983Sugar Hill (Medley) 
((( audio )))

1979Iranian Hostage Crisis (11/4/79) Jimmy Carter, (Muslim) Students of Another Colour, Hip Hop Happens

80s  —
1980 — Ronald Reagan (Just Say No)

“Fantastic Freaks At The Dixie”
Grand Wizard Theodore
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— yZ.




1984The Freaks Come Out At Night
((( audio )))

— yZ.

1989-1995Hideous Mutant Freaks
Axiom Funk (P-Funk w/Bill Laswell)
((( audio )))

— yZ.

1991“Keep This Frequency Clear”
This is a journey into sound. (Tack>>Head) 
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