[ LOOK TO SEE ] See it ……..Like a native. A Day In the Life on Florida’s Space Coast. Watching a shuttle launch from my favorite spot on the Indian River (Cocoa, Florida) across from Cape Canaveral. OriginalNoise.Org — dave hogerty (OriginalNoise.Org) A (Fiery) Day In the Life — After a two-minute (Florida) intro, you’ll be on the Space Coast, the north end of Indian River Drive in Cocoa, Flor
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Hey Joe … __where you goin’ with that gun in your hand? It didn’t really matter where Joe was goin’ with that gun, did it? But the fact he had it in his hand at all was enough to catch your attention. The gun has always been a tool, whether it be for hunting food, self defense, or murder. So it is no grand leap for so many to make it a tool in art, to put its power to use both creatively and s
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