•   [ Living ] Colour “Open Letter To A Landlord” Living Colour Vivid 1988 — ((( song ))) — dave. still loud. still proud. still relevant. n Vernon Reid (guitar) n Corey Glover (vocals) n Will Calhoun (drums) n Doug Wimbish (bass guitar) “Freedom of Expression,” the opening of Shade (2017) is a reminder that Vernon Reid and Living Colour are never reluctant to express their sometimes vicious,
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“The Bridge”

• Time Has Come Again. An honest telling of the African American fight for the right to vote, and racial and economic justice For All. dave. Allan Harris  and  Doug Wimbish at the WLRN studios, on the outskirts of downtown Miami. “The World is a Ghetto” was part of their hour-long set (“The Bridge“) on host Ed Bell’s Friday at Noon (“Live”) broadcast. Allan and Doug were in
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