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The Original Color of Sin*. 

“Sugar Hill Medley”
Original Sugar Hill Rhythm Section
((( hip-hop anthem)))

Released in 1979, the 12″ single “Rapper’s Delight” launched Hip-Hop as a multi-billion-dollar phenomenon. The opportunistic 15-minute track also revived the career of its producer, Sylvia Robinson, a street-wise R&B veteran whose success left the true pioneers of Rap fuming, almost as much as hollywood’s depiction in the 1984 movie, Beat Street.

Sugar Hill Anthems
The Original Sugar Hill Rhythm Section
Skip “Little Axe” McDonald (guitar)
Doug Wimbish (bass)
Keith LeBlanc (drums)
(((( hip-hop originals )))


“Funky Obama”
Funky President v King Bee

2009 — Tack>>Head covered James Brown’s “Funky President,” in honor of Barack Obama, being elected the first African American President of The United States. 
((( hope? )))

Keith LeBlanc (story of a song)
Keith LeBlanc

Dangerous Liaisons

Nobody sells denim like Levi’s sells denim, and in 2007, the giant of jeans thought Little Annie’s “Strange Love” was the perfect song to sell its product (SEX). 

The Early 1980s was an explosive time for street artists, especially in NYC, and the Tri-State area (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut), on street corners, subway stops, and neighborhood parks, an artistic movement was evolving into what became known as the B-Boy Culture, and what became the Universal Hip-Hop phenomenon.

B-Boy Rising

Basquiat was a Manhattan (GRAFFITI) writer of mysterious note, when a chance meeting with POP ART ICON Andy Warholthe art dealer Bruno Bischofberger poet and critic René Ricard, and fellow artist Albert Milo, opened the door into the New York City Art World, who liked the idea of selling a poor, black, little beggar boy. The story also follows Basquiat’s tumultuous relationship with Gina (Claire Forlani) a fellow aspiring artist he meets while she is working as a waitress at a diner he frequents with his friend Benny (Benicio del Toro). Their romance is affected by Basquiat’s affair with the so-called “Big Pink” (Courtney Love), a woman he picks up on the street, and his habitual abuse of heroin.

Doug Wimbish  f/Bernard Fowler (vocal)
((( urban duress )))

“Dangerous” / “All Mixed Up” b/ Linda Zachs

In the Name of The Lord
Bernard Fowler

Tack>>Head at the Highline Ballroom (NYC).

2009 Bernard put the band together, calling them Bad Dog, and played shows in Austria and Germany in the Fall and Winter of 2008. The next year Bernard released “New York Time” (song/video), and did a one off show at the Highline Ballroom in New York City, Bernard’s hometown.






LIVING COLOUR Pt./1 — a vivid start
LIVING COLOUR Pt./2 — post apocalyptic reunion
LIVING COLOUR Pt./3 — back in the USSR
LIVING COLOUR / “who shot ya?”
LIVING COLOUR / SHADE (Sept. 9, 2017)


“I’m Comin’ On Back To You”
Jackie Wilson
By Special Request

1961When asked of his earliest musical memories, Bernard, after 35 years traveling the entire world, remembers most fondly of listening with his mom, to her favorites, Mahalia Jackson and Jackie Wilson.

1970s — Sex Drugs Rock n Roll and Corporate Money.
1970Bitches Brew
1974 — 
Pink Floyd Tampa Stadium
WKRP “Animals”
1978FM (Movie)
1977At the time Annie called herself Annie Anxiety was recording with Crass, and was a familiar character in the legendary NYC bar, home to the day’s most popular musicians, poets, and artists of all kinds. In New York, Annie recorded with Crass as Annie Anxiety, and wenton to work with Coil, Current 93, Swans, Baby Dee, and many others, including, of course, her much-loved collaborations with English dub producer Adrian Sherwood. Annie once in fact lived in a shed at the bottom of Adrian’s garden!

1979 — Hip Hop Happens
Iranian Hostages (11/4/79-1/20/81)
Jimmy Carter
1980Ronald Reagan
1980s  — Just Say No
1982No Nukes
NYC Central Park June 12, 1982
1983 — “No Sell Out”
Keith LeBlanc
Malcolm X 12″
1984 — Keith LeBlanc 

w/ Betty Shabazz vs. Sugar Hill Records
(((the original hip-hop beat )))

1984BEAT STREET, Herbie Hancock Sound-System Keith LeBlanc (“King Of The Beat”) “NO SELL OUT” (Malcolm X) vs. Sugar Hill Records (Joe and Sylvia Robinson) w/Betty Shabazz.
1985Live Aid
Mick Jagger & Tina Turner
Farm Aid
We Are The World
Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, Quincy Jones
Artists United Against Apartheid
Miami Vice
Adrian Sherwood, On-U Sound
Fat’s Comet,
Gary Clail
Mark Stewart
Bernard Meets Mick Jagger
She’s The Boss.
Jeff BeckFlash
w/ Jimmy Hall, Rod Stewart, Nile Rodgers and Arthur Baker (Production) Carmine Appice
1986Jeff BeckFlashJan Hammer, Simon Phillips, Doug Wimbish, Steve Lukather, (TOKYO)
1987 — Living Colour Vivid, Guns N Roses Appetite for Destruction, Joe Satriani Surfing With The Alien
1988The Young Americans
The Second Coming of Mick Primitive Cool The Brothers of Sodom

1989Bill Hicks
Viciously Honest (“Patriot”/”American Scream”) “The Gospel According To Bill Hicks” (GQ)

“The Story Of Willie”
King Missile (downtown nyc)
((( apocalyptic opinion)))

1990 — Duran Duran
1991 — Johnnie Johnson
Bill Hicks (Truth Always Mattered)
1992 — Yoko Ono Obnox
1993 — Living Colour Stain
1994 — Little Axe, Roy Nathanson’s Jazz Passengers
1995 — NicklebagMas Feedback

Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked the World
Link Ray
Rod Stewart (Out of Order Tour)
SmithsonianNational Museum of the American Indian
The Living Earth Festival.
Koshi InabaChubby Groove (2017)

1996 — Nicklebag12 Hits and a Bump
Stevie Salas explained why he and Bernard painted their faces silver for the Nicklebag album cover. “Our idea was, in recognition of the obvious racism in the music business, we wanted to present ourselves in the most racially neutral way.
1997 — Bridges of Babylon RS
1998 — No Security RS
1999 — Michael HutchenceMichael Hutchence
Herb AlpertColors
2000 — Ronnie WoodLive and Eclectic
2001 The Day The Earth Stood Still
2002 — Forty Licks RS
2003Living ColourCollideOscope
2004 Tack>>Head(Asylum Street Re-hearsals)
Tack>>Head Family Reunion @ Sully’s (Hartford)
Little AxeChampagne & Grits
2005 —A Bigger Bang RS
2006Friends With Privileges
Real World Sessions w/LITTLE AXE
2007 — Bad DogLive In Vienna
2008 — Shine A Light RS
2009 — New York Time



((( home again)))

((( video)))

“New York Time”
Bernard Fowler(INTERVIEW)

Rock N Role Reversal 
1990— After the Steel Wheels tour and being asked to join the Rolling Stones as a permanent member, Bernard was back with his Tack>>Head mates to record Strange Things, the band’s second album with Bernard out front as lead singer. Strange Things is the record on which Mick Jagger asked to (and does) sing backup on “Take A Stroll.”

“Sympathy For The Devil” 
Bernard Fowler
Inside Out

2021 Bernard, with his Rolling Stone bandmates’ blessing, Bernard went into the band’s immense archive, looking for songs that were lyrically substantive, and whose words are still relevant and true.
((the “f” word)))


Sold Your Soul For “Fame”
2017 — Celebrating David Bowie @ Ponte Vedra, Florida
Bernard Fowler (vocals)

Mike Garson (piano / musical director)
Earl Slick (guitar)

Bernard Fowler (discography)
Tack>>Head (discography)
Living Colour(discography)
Little Axe (discography)

Taking Mick Jagger for a Ride

Tokyo w/ Doug Wimbish, Jan Hammer, Simon Phillips, Carlos Santana
1987Mick JaggerPrimitive Cool (Columbia)
w/ Jeff Beck, Simon Phillips

The Brothers of Sodom (w/Joe Satriani, Doug Wimbish, Simon Phillips, Jimmy Rip, Erotic Keys…


Planetary SlalomVoyager’s Return
The Dark Side of the Moon (1973) 
Wish You Were Here (1975)
Animals (1977)
The Wall (1979)  
Pink Floyd – The Wall (1982)

musical film based on the album. 
Time Magazine, Over 40 All Stars, Montreal, Ken Regan (Camera 5), Brussel Sprouts with Howard Cosell, Iran/Iraq, Arnold Drapkin, Cryogenic Hall with Michelle Stevenson, Rick Booth, Anne Stovel, Roller Skating at Club Roxy. Crossing Over (Step, don’t shuffle)

Pink Floyd Tampa Stadium
WKRP “Animals”

Save Pluto

1982 — Time’s Square, New York City, Summer School (beat-the-heat) Movie. Mysterious (“spacy”) promotion, Steven Spielberg.



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