Bill Hicks — Rush Limbaugh


Although revered by many right-wing media “personalities,” comedian Bill Hicks  , of course, would have hated each and everyone of those evil fucks, and wouldn’t have wasted the time to shit on the likes of Fox, Breitbart, Drudge, Newsmax, and any other of the criminal, anti-American propagandists, especially Alex Jones, and the white supremacist spew he calls InfoWars.
Anyone who knew Bill knows that he would have had nothing but contempt for Donald Trump, and all those who would blow him. LISTEN to what Bill had to say about right-wing radio king Rush Limbaugh, on his last (1993) record, Rant In E Minor, and then imagine how stupid those assholes are to revere Bill, and think he would stand with them, rather than humanity.



z“Loving Rush”


LISTEN — Bill Hicks’ (1993) description of Rush Limbaugh and his colorful, republican friends.


For a progressive movement, under relentless assault by a pathological lying right wing, It was a sad day,  when Bill Hicks died. The liberals had lost its most honest, persuasive, and viciously funny voice.

… and for Alex Jones’ (mis) information
Although sited today by many ignorant right-wing media personalities, including asshole Alex Jones (InfoWars) whose followers are so fucking stupid, that they actually believe their Trump-sucking, white supremacist, anti-American asshole is Bill Hicks, reincarnated. Mind-blowing, is the racist’s less-than-human capacity to think and understand.