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Moon Over Miami Beach 
Suénalo w/Doug Wimbish
Celebrating 100 Years Living on Carl Fisher’s Tropical Island.
((( island music ))) of a different kind


The World Is A Ghetto
JAN 17, 2014 Miami, Florida
The 21st Century Freedom Riders @ WLRN (Miami)
Allan Harris and Doug Wimbish, both known for being at the top of their musical game, but knowing for playing on fields residing on opposite sides of the musical spectrum. They had never played with each other before this WLRN, almost “improvised” performance of “The World Is A Ghetto”  first performed together in Miami, as part of The Miami Design Preservation League’s Annual Art Deco Weekend on Ocean Drive in Miami Beach. “The World is a Ghetto” (above) was part of a live broadcast on Miami’s PBS radio station the Thursday before the weekend.

Only In Miami”
Bette Midler
No Frills
1983  Bette Midler’s “Only In Miami” stirs memories of a more natural (less techno) Ocean Drive. 
((( on the eve of vice )))


After and Where it All Got Started

Doug Wimbish w/ Big Sam and Suenalo at The Stage in Miami’s Design District. After playing Art Deco Weekend on Miami Beach (Ocean Drive), Doug wanted to play on, and decided to take the party across Biscayne Bay on the (Where the Cubans play all day), on the I-195 Causeway, into the District, and down the small, dark alley that led to The Stage. It was where we first met Suenalo, doing a live radio (WDNA) broadcast, many months back, in the earliest Art Deco Weekend planning stages. It seemed appropriate to end the evening in the same club where we (Doug and I) made our best “Art Deco Weekend” decision. It was where we invited Miami’s own, Suenalo, to play the Weekend. They did. And came back for all four years we did after.

January 16, 2015 — The Miami Design Preservation League and Art Deco Weekend 2015 is honored to present the World Premier of “THE BRIDGE” … an exciting musical performance, written and played to honor Martin Luther King Jr. and his fellow activists, who 50 years ago fought to secure CIVIL RIGHTS for ALL AMERICANS.
Produced, Directed and Played by Art Deco Weekend Musical Director
and his world-class, virtuosic band:
• Allan Harris
• Christian Howes
• Jesse Jones Jr.
• Ladell McLin
• Adam Falcon  … and many others who rotated on and off the stage.

“The Bridge”
Improvisational Inaugural
WDNA (Live Broadcast)
Location (TBA)
After Art Deco Weekend, Allan and Doug will take “The Bridge”  to Selma, Alabama commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s Voting Rights March (March 7, 1965) across the Edmund Pettus Bridge.
After King and hundreds of fellow activists were met with violence by racist town’s folk and law enforcement officers, the day came to be known as “Bloody Sunday.”

Last year was the first musical meeting between Living Colour bassist Doug Wimbish and New York jazz vocalist Allan Harris. Nobody knew where the music would go, but their show-opening rendition of War’s 1972 radio classic “The World is a Ghetto” was the beginning of a ride through American Space and Time.

• Christian Howes (violin)
• Jesse Jones Jr. (alto saxophone)
• Keith LeBlanc (drums)
• Michel Ferré (piano)


(Miami’s Own Afro-Cuban Jam Band, consistently voted South Florida’s best by critics and fans alike)

January 17, 2015
Another important event in Art Deco Weekend 2015’s celebration of Miami Beach’s 100th Year is MDPL releasing its first CD, “DECO MOON OVER MIAMI” … featuring a collection of compositions and songs by an eclectic group of musicians who’ve performed at previous Art Deco Weekend celebrations.
The music on the disc is sure to be taken to an even higher level (at the CD Release Party and Live Performance) when played by many of the featured musicians including:

• Doug Wimbish
• Allan Harris
• Adam Falcon
• Alex Baugh & The Crazy Carls
• Ladell McLin
• David Pastorius  

… and any number of Miami’s finest who always turn out for such an epic jam.


miami design preservation league
1001 Ocean Drive
Miami Beach, Florida 33139
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The first Freedom Riders performance was a live radio broadcast at the WLRN studios in downtown Miami.
ALLAN, was a frequent guest on Ed Bell’s [South Florida Arts Beat] program, and Allan knew that Ed and his passionate studio audience of 30, were expecting the straight-ahead, NAT KING COLE-smooth voice that he’s know for … but having met DOUG after the booking, Allan thought it better, rather than trying to describe Doug and “The Bridge,” the [South Florida Arts Beat] program, Friday at noon.
This, after Allan, Doug, and Keith (drums) had met only four days earlier, and Jesse Jones Jr. (alto sax) and Howie Schneider (piano) were coming in totally cold, Scneider never even having met any of the others in the band.
 — video by dave hogerty (original noise)
With Martin Luther King Jr. and Art Deco falling on the same weekend,
Doug Wimbish (adw musical director) and Allan Harris (the jazz singer) decided to introduce “The Bridge” at ART DECO WEEKEND
[Miami Beach / Jan.17,2014]
Doug Wimbish (electric bass guitar)
Allan Harris (vocals/guitar)
Jesse Jones Jr. (alto saxophone)
Keith LeBlanc (drums)
Howie Schneider (piano)