APOCALYPTIC AGE (1999-2000s)





Ani DiFranco
So Much Shouting, So Much Laughter
2002  More than a song, bearing tragic, skeptical witness, Ani Di Franco’s view of the 9-11 attack from her window in Brooklyn, New York. 
((( shock to the system )))

french tv

“Holy Shit!”
The only words spoken by a French television crew when watching (and capturing) the World historic “moment.”

September 11, 2001 — A French television crew, covering work on a broken water line in Lower Manhattan, was attracted to the loud hum of a commercial jetliner screaming by, overhead. Seconds later, the plane crashed into the North Tower of The World Trade Center, and exploded into a large ball of fire.

Ani DiFranco  “It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad World”
The day I met Ani DiFranco before her show in Hollywood, Florida’s Downtown Circle Park, TIME magazine’s “special” Shock and Awe issue hit the newsstands. It almost seemed a fireworks display, celebrating George W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq, on behalf of America. Knowing Ani had always been politically and socially active, I thought to drop a copy and a pen in front of her, and wondered what she’d say.

2000s  — Y2K
and far beyond

2000 — Mos Def (Black Jack Johnson)
2001 — The Day The Earth Stood Still

Living Colour
2003 — CollideOscope
(((( 9-11 euology ))))

Colby Buzzell

Living Colour had just started its 2001 Reunion Tour on 9-11, and like the rest of the world, the band took a break from reality. Later, that winter, Living Colour picked up where it left off, making up all the shows that had been cancelled. It was December 28, 2001 when Living Colour played the House of Blues at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. In the video, you’ll see the band’s playing of “Release The Pressure,” including Doug Wimbish’s extended electric bass solo. The performance is preceded by the Spiderman trailer that was being aired at the time of the 9-11 attacks, and because it featured the TWIN TOWERS so prominently. 

2004Tack>>Head (Together Again)
2005Mos Def (Black Jack Johnson)

Conan O’Brien  and Jimmy Kimmel (Late Night Television) performances, supporting Mos Def’s New Danger album

Italian Job.
2006 — Little Axe (Real World Sessions)
2007 — Bad Dog (Bernard Fowler)
2009 — “New York Time” (Bernard)

2010s  —
2010 — A Bass Odyssey (Doug Wimbish)

“Havana Day Dreaming”
Jimmy Buffett
Havana Daydreamin’
1976 On his Mississippi to Key West voyage, Jimmy Buffett took the time to develop a relationship with Gainesville and the University of Florida, halfway between his home and Tropical Paradise.
((( almost paradise )))


2016 — Take a ride on Indian River Drive (The River Road) in North Cocoa, Florida, stopping at the old (1880) church to watch the first Space X launch of its Falcon Heavy Rocket. The vehicle Elon Musk hopes will, one day, carry men and women to Mars. Also seen is my encounter with a number of locals, and the change in attitude on the Space Coast.

Rolling Stones (top)

Since Bernard Fowler joined The Rolling Stones “STEEL WHEELS” tour in 1989, he has been around the world many times, and played to audiences of hundreds of thousands. The difference in 2016 was such a show had never be seen in Cuba. Just before Donald Trump closed Cuba, ending Barack Obama’s openness, The Rolling Stones played Havana, Cuba’s capital city. Before then, a film, The Buena Visa Social Club, was made by Ry Cooder, and featured a wealth of local talent. The Rolling Stones coming to Cuba was far different. The World’s biggest and most enduring band was the first western act to bring such a show to the Communist Island. The World’s biggest and most enduring Rock N Roll band was in town, and half a million Cubans were lucky enough to see it.

2019Covid 19
2020s — 
2020 — Donald Trump Won’t Die.
2024 — Time Has Come (and Gone?) Again

der spiegel



[ Space ]

& time 

Neil Diamond
The Jazz Singer (Soundtrack)

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a “good” christian woman’s place is in the womb.
Why do you think they called it a Bikini?

So anxious to see Jesus when he returns, white nationalist christians, neo Nazis, the Ku Klux Klan, and today’s Republican Party, all Pray For Armageddon. Christians call it “The Second Coming,” and they’re Hell-Bent on being around to see it, and
There’s a Good, God-fearing reason they call it a Bikini. “Bikini” was the Pacific Island where the first nuclear bomb was exploded, and it was a clever creative director who saw the value in all those “i”s in selling a itsy bitzy, controversially small piece of optional clothing. 

So a woman’s place is in the womb, that is, unless she looks good naked, and has the talent to sell lite beer and fast food. That woman’s place is in the next, NFL and Christian-sanctioned $20-Million Superbowl Ad.

Vladimir’s Tool 


May the Truth be With You.
“The Story Of Willie”
King Missile
((( apocalyptic view )))


“The World Would Have To End Without Willie.”
TRUTH IN ADVERTISING: Since the Renaissance, Naked Women have proven to be the best artistic to sell whatever it was a businessman wanted to sell. Let’s think about it. Maybe something else … No.Yes.Coke.No, NAKED WOMEN IS IT. Open homosexuality, mixed-race marriages, and physically challenged athletes came later. No matter the content, it is sad to see that HONESTY ISN’T NECESSARILY THE BEST POLICY, especially for those WILLING TO LIE for MONEY, POWER, AND GREED. (Regardie’s) We know there are many criminally minded liars in the world, and we also know, IT ONLY TAKES TWO TO RUIN A GAME.

2016 — Donald Trump: Russian Delivery


“Eve Of Destruction” 
((( warning )))


Living Colour (discography)
Tack>>Head (discography)
Little Axe (discography)

Bernard Fowler (discography)

1990s  —
1990Time’s Up
1991 — Living Colour Lollapalooza (Inaugural) Jane’s Addiction
1992 — Living Colour Biscuits
1994 — Living Colour No Dread
1999It’s Prince’s Party
and he’ll jam if he wants to.
Immigrant Song
Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin III
1970 Rock Gets Hard

Black Sabbath
Deep Purple In Rock

“Eve Of Destruction”
Barry McGuire
Eve Of Destruction”  (single)
1965 — 
((( protest )))

One Hot Minute

1995 — 
((( first to fly )))


Red Hot Chili Peppers


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