Ani DiFranco Q&A




 Ani DiFranco Q&A

When I called to ask if singer/songwriter Ani DiFranco had finished Jazziz magazine’s written Q&A that had been emailed to her, Tracy Mann (Ani’s tour manager) explained that Ani didn’t like to answer such questions in writing, and would rather sit down, face-to-face with an interviewer, which she would happily do that weekend before her show at Hollywood Park, just 20 miles south on of the Jazziz office in Boca Raton.
Thinking Ani wasn’t really a “jazz” musician, none of the too-hip-to-be-cool Jazziz editors wanted to meet her, leaving the interview to me, the magazine’s totally interested art director.
Surprised when Ani walked through the door of the tour bus on which I had been waiting, and like a giddy little school girl, she was waving the (printed) Q&A above her head, and proudly announced, “look here, I finished my homework.”

ANI DIFRANCO “Not A Pretty Girl”

Here is the original emailed questions that Ani had printed out, and answered by hand …