Winter Break
February 16, 1983
Vol. 73 No. 121

photographs and text by dave hogerty

Since its unveiling last November (1982), the V-shaped Vietnam Memorial has had its critics. They took offense at the black wall sinking into the ground, while all the other American monuments stand virgin-white and rise to the heavens.

But in The Dead of a Washington Winter, while the ivory towers disappear into the overcast sky, one monument has the strength and presence to survive. The names carved into the mirror-like, granite wall — the names of more than 57,000 Americans who died in Vietnam, break through the snowy-white scene, more noticed and more honored than any of the other monuments shivering on the Washington D.C. Mall on Constitution Avenue.

“Davey’s On The Road Again”
Manfred Mann
1977 — 
((( going home )))

dave hogerty

hopefully home for christmas

Harry Resnick was hitchhiking at University Avenue onramp to I-75. Harry had started in Miami, and he was hoping to make it to Baltimore to see his family there before Christmas.

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