dave hogerty

Cross-crowd communication

Shari Howard was astonished when she turned around in her seat during Saturday’s Linda Ronstadt concert and recognized an old friend far up in the stands. After failing to convince her friend, Rose Boyd (both from Brevard County) to come down and chat, Shari opted for some make-do sign language. Deciding the best solution would be to talk later by phone. Howard signaled Rose her number. Ending the long-distance message with an emphatic “Call me,” Howard motioned so long — for now.

dave hogerty

‘I don’t get it’

A sure sign that rush week and the initial round of parties have passed is the sight of students actually studying. In this case the studying involves third-level calculus, as sophomores Sherry Herman and Ken Curren — engineering hopefuls — prepare for an exam in front of Library West. Sherry employs that ole UF ingenuity and uses her hands for visual aid. Finally, she resorts to the less taxing posture of frustration.

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