“Burning For You”
Blue Öyster Cult
1981 — Fire of Unknown Origin
((( KKK )))

barbara hansen

Still Alive And Well

At the turn of the decade (70s/80s), the  Ku Klux Klan was openly active in the rural communities all around Gainesville and the University of Florida.

The University sits in the center of North Florida, and has been described as a liberal oasis in a state that, since Jeb Bush and the Republicans moved in, has become more and more “conservative” and “Christian.”

White Christian, that is, and they’ll burn a cross in your yard to prove it.


dave hogerty
stan badz (Klan Mother)

ice cream couple

Jane Grant and Chauka Fleming enjoy the sun and ice cream as they relax outside the ice cream shop on The Renaissance Fair on University Avenue.

When taken, I thought the picture of two students enjoying their ice cream was another slice-of-life, college-town moment. Maybe I was naive, coming to Gainesville from a small town near Cape Canaveral, but I was surprised to read how angry some readers were that the Alligator dared to publish such an offensive image. It seems they were offended by the open mixing of chocolate and vanilla ice creams. The letters were direct, and to the racist point. There were a few, all unsigned, but one letter writer spoke for them all, when he called Jane Grant, the “vanilla” woman in the picture, a “nigger-loving whore.”

Letters to The Editor: More Reader Opinions