College Life

dave hogerty

Pictures taken between 1979 and 1999, while working on the staffs of Cocoa TODAY, The Independent Florida Alligator, Palm Beach Post, The Miami Herald.


“College Life”
1977 — Terence Boylan sings about college life in the Ivy League, but the imagery is equally reminiscent of life at the University of Florida.
Gainesville Swinging — Sally,  our neighbor across the street  on NW 21st Street, four blocks east of president Marston’s mansion, on the edge of the Student Ghetto, on University Avenue, across from the oak-shaded Murphree area tennis courts and Florida Field.
“Deep Down In Florida”
1977 — Muddy Waters Hard Again w/ Johnny Winter Sings about meeting an old friend (his future wife), down in Gainesville.
“Where the Sun shines damn near everyday”
Mucozo (The Mysterious Murphree Stones)
Johnny Hines (University Avenue Blues) — The well known Bluesman could be seen most weekend nights, in and around Gainesville, Downtown, and along University Avenue. Here, one Sunday morning (3AM), Johnny sits alone, in front of the Great Southern Music Hall, one of Gainesville’s most popular music venues. (THE FLORIDA THEATER)
Lillian’s Music Store (Downtown)
Dub’s Lounge (“On the Outskirts of Town”)
Greek Posers (Pike House “Model” Students)
UF v FSU (The Almighty Football Rivalry)
John Baltz: Mini Masseur — (“Mini Massage” after work, and a Cold Heineken for the Little Lady. Child abuse letter. “Hell is for Children”
Pornographic Miracle (Natural Child Birth Midwife Nancy Redfern)
Bomb Iran (Downtown Confrontation)
“I want to be an Airborne Ranger, but I don’t want to go to Iran.” (Tack>>Head)
Vietnam Winter
Bruce Springsteen “Fever” 
Black Mark in the D.C. Snow
Space Shuttle Discovery (NASA’s return to space. First manned shuttle mission since the Challenger explosion two years earlier.
1986 — “Major Malfunction” Keith LeBlanc.
Monumental Homelessness (Washington D.C.)
Spill The Wine (Landing on Fuck)
Tourist Filmmaker
Victim’s Attack
Teenaged Car Thief
Concern for Mommy
Shelter In The Storm
Hurricane David
Indian River Baptism
Surfing Safari (Sebastian Inlet)
The Lord’s Bootcamp
Labor Dispute
Sinking Feeling — SR3, when it was a narrow two lanes running dark between two sawgrass lined canals, waiting for help. waiting to be thrown a line.
Hub’s Inn
Sacred Ground (US1 and SR50) Fishing Sacred Ground, Complex 39, Launch Pads 39A and 39B. Last stepping stone to the Moon.
1988 — JUST SAY GO.
Discovery, NASA’s first manned mission after the Challenger disaster, two years before. 
Spring Break Bikini Contest (1978) at the Canaveral Pier, Cocoa Beach
Surf Naked, Indialantic Beach


“Who Shot Ya?”
Living Colour
2016  Eventually included on Shade, in response to the noticeable increase in Gun Violence throughout the year, Living Colour decided to release “Who Shot Ya?” as a single on EP (mixtape).   
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