december 7, 1979
vol 72 no 52

holly bird

By Denise Braziel
Alligator Staff Writer

Approaching the 1980s, it can be difficult to wonder where we are going, without being certain where we stand now, after the unprecedented events of the 1970s.
While some scholars, political leaders and others with often-respected opinions are assuring us that the ’70s will become the ’80s without much commotion, others are issuing warnings.
Regardless, 24 days are all that is left of the decade, and The ’80s are bringing with them, however bright or bleak, our future.

Energy has taken a leading role in determining the course of the future. Professionals in fields including economics, engineering. political science and sociology are basing many of their forecasts for the ’80s on the outcome of the current crisis…

Remember Patty Hearst?
Generalissimo Francisco Franco?
Pat Moynihan?
Pope John Paul I?
Remember Kent State?
Right to Life?
The Nixon tapes?
remember when?
Now that we’re into the last year of this sometimes dull, sometimes sizzling decade, it seems apropos to freshen our memories on some of the names, dates, places and events of the past nine years. The 50 questions presented here should be a challenge to even the most well-read and up-to-date ’70s scholar; in fact, most of vou will probably be stumped on fully half of this quiz.
Don’t worry. The questions are for the most part trivial, inane and hard as hell. But we did stick a few easy ones in there, so even if you don’t score well you can at least score.

Good luck. And keep your eyes on your own paper.

70s Questions

1. Two Supreme Court justices retired within a week in 1971, and both died before the end of the year. Name them.

2. What was the name of the Latin American president who died in 1974 and was succeeded by his wife, and what country did he govern?

3. Who kicked a field goal with five seconds left to give the Baltimore Colts a 16-13 victory over the Dallas Cowbovs in Super Bowl V in 1971?

4. How long was the reign of Pope John Paul I?


kevin kolcznski, rick mccawley, michael lewis, barbara hansen

5. On July 3, 1977, an Americus, Ga. mechanic drove a sports car into a crowd at a Ku Klux Klan rally in Plains, injuring 30. Who was the driver of the car?

6. One week after defeating Conservative leader Edward Heath, a woman for the first time won the leadership of a British political party of Feb. 11, 1975. Who was the woman?

7. Rose Louise Hovick died at 56 in 1970 in Los Angeles, but we knew her by her stage name. What was it?

8. Who was the American Independent Party’s choice for president in 1976?


stan badz, sandy felsenthal

9. On June 4, 1972, an all-white jury in San Jose, Calif., acquitted a black civil rights activist of murder, kidnap and conspiracy charges resulting from a 1970 courtroom shootout in San. Raphael, Calif. Who was acquitted?

10. On Oct. 26, 1970, Muhammad Ali fought his first regulation bout in over three years in Atlanta and won when the fight was stopped in the third round. Who did Ali beat?


john moran, bill wax

11. What was the television interview, that at the time was seen by the largest television audience ever?

12. An earth-fill dam burst and flooded the upper Snake River Valley in Idaho on June 5, 1976, forcing the evacuation of some 30,000 persons. Name the dam.

13. Inspired by Apollo 8, peace activist John McConnell made a proposal to UNESCO, at its 1969 conference in San Francisco. It was accepted, and enacted the next year. What was it?

14. April 22, 1970 was the first. A minister and five others were indicted on Jan. 12, 1971 on charges of conspiring to kidnap Henry Kissinger and for plotting to blow up the heating systems of several Washington, D.C. federal buildings. Who was the minister?

15. Two actors during the 1970s refused to accept their Oscars as best actor. Who were they and for what films were they awarded?

16. Two ex-presidents died less than a month apart near the beginning of 1973. Name them.

17. Right to Life forces won a major victory on Feb. 15, 1975 when a ‘Boston jury that included 10 Roman Catholics opposed to abortion convicted a doctor of manslaughter in the death of a male fetus. Name the doctor.

18. What lunar mission was aborted in 1970 when a tank of liquid oxygen exploded on the way to the moon, crippling the ship?

19. FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover died in his sleep on May 2, 1972 after serving eight presidents over a 48-year span. Who was appointed Hoover’s Successor?

20. Daniel P. Moynihan declared on Nov. 10, 1975, that the U.S. “does not acknowledge it, will not abide by it, it will never acquiesce in this infamous act.” What was he talking about?

21. Following the murder of 11 Israeli athletes by Arab gunmen at the 1972 Munich Olympic Games, who declared that “a handful of terrorists”* would not be allow.ed “to destroy this nucleus of international cooperation and goodwill”?

22. Who told President Nixon in 1973 that the Watergate scandal was a cancer growing on the presidency”?

23. On the morning of Jan. 17, 1977, who said “Let’s do it.”

24. Who in 1971 became the first female athlete to earn more than $100,000 in one year?

25. On July 10, 1974. a Jacksonville grand jury indicted a Florida state senator and six others on charges of running an influence peddling racket for the past three and a half years. The senator was acquitted the following year. Name him.

26. What series of eight programs in January, 1977 broke all records for television viewing. the final segment drawing 80 million viewers?

27. On Feb. 27, 1974 – only two weeks after Patricia Hearst’s kidnapping – a 40-year-old Atlanta Constitution editor was abducted by the American Revolutionary Army. Who?

28. After rejecting two of his nominees, the Senate on: May 12, 1970 confirmed President Nixon’s third choice for Supreme Court justice. Name that man.

29. Two unsuccessful attempts were made on the life of President Ford within an 18. day span in 1975. Who were the culprits in the assassination attempts?

30. The Maryland state lottery was stopped for the seventh time in its history after $12,000 had been wagered on 777, since at 500-1 odds triple sevens would have broken the state bank had it come in. On what day did this “septimania” occur?

31. An ex-mayor of Minneapolis, following his death on Jan. 13, 1978, was eulogized as “the most beloved of all Americans.” Who was he?

32. Los Angeles and Atlanta elected their first black mayors in 1973. Name them.

33. There was a wedding at the White House on June 12, 1971. Who was married?

34. Some 200 to 300 members of the American Indian movement, following weeks of clashes, seized the trading post and church of a small town on the Oglala Sioux Reservation in South Dakota on Feb. 27,1973. Name the town.

35. On Feb. 15, 1970, an American for the first time won a world title in Alpine ski competition, winning the men’s combined title. Who was that American?

36. What production during the 1970s became the longest running Broadway play in history?

37. In a historic indictment, seven former White House presidential campaign aides were charged on March 1, 1974 with conspiracy in the Watergate cover-up. Name five of the seven.

38. Whose 200th birthday was celebrated by classical music buffs on Dec. 16, 1970?

39. Police called it “the greatest outburst of gang violence in 10 years” following six riots in New York in 1972. What was the name of the alleged New York underworld figure who was shot as he celebrated his 43rd birthday in a Manhattan restaurant, highlighting the gangland murder spree?

40. President Ford on Jan. 19, 1977, pardoned Iva Toguri D’Aquino, who had been convicted of treason 27 years earlier. Some American servicemen during World War II, however, knew her by another name. What was it?

41. How was the start of the 1972 baseball season different from all others before or since?

42. On Feb. 4, 1976, 22,836 died in an earthquake in what country?

43. Billionaire Howard Hughes died at age 70: on April 5, 1976, prompting the discovery of a seemingly endless stream of wills. Who came up with the first?

44. Why is May 26, 1978 a special day in Atlantic City, N.J.?

45. The 100-yard dash in the 1971 national championships was won b a 27-year-old hematologist. Who was he?

46. After 36 years as the nation’s leading weekly pictorial, this magazine ceased publication on Dec. 29, 1972. Name the magazine.

47. On July 24, 1974, the Supreme Court ruled that President Nixon had to give up “forthwith the tapes and documents he had been so determined to shield during the Watergate furor. What was the vote?

48. The biggest selling books of 1970 dealt with the ever-popular subject of sex. Name the two best-selling sex books of that year and their authors.   

49. Two Boeing jumbo jets collided on an airport runway on March 27, 1977, killing 582 in the worst disaster in aviation history. Where did the crash occur?

50. President Carter’s top adviser on drug abuse resigned on July 20, 1978 after he admitted to writing a prescription for quaaludes for one of his aides using a fictitious name. Who was the adviser?

alligator file

Wesley Dean former BSU president
Robert Cade Gatorade inventor
Janis Mara Women’s Rights activist
Stephen C. O’Connell former UF president
Eric Farber Solar Energy pioneer
Julie Jett first voting Student Regent
Harry Crews “Novel” Novelist
H.G. Buddy Davis Pulitzer Prize-winning journalsim professor
Sue Cline Student Politico
Howard Appledorf Nutrition Expert
Father Michael Gannon anti-Vietnam activist
Robert Q. Marston University of Florida president

70s Answers

1. Hugo Black and John Harlan

2. Juan Domingo Peron of Argentina

3. Jim O’Brien

4. 34 days

5. Buddy Cochran

6. Margaret Thatcher

7. Gypsy Rose Lee

8. Lester Maddox

9. Angela Davis

10. Jerry Quarry

11. The first David Frost interview with Richard Nixon

12. Teton Dam 

13. Earth Day

14. Rev. Philip F. Berrigan

15. George Scott, Patton, 1970; Marlon Brando, The Godfather, 1972

16. Harry Truman on Dec. 26, 1972; Lyndon Johnson on Jan. 23. 1973

17. Dr. Kenneth C. Edelin

18. Apollo XIII

19. L. Patrick Gray

20. United Nations resolution that defined Zionism as “a form of racism and racial discrimination

21. Avery Brundage, retiring head of the Olympics committee

22. John Dean

23. Gary Gilmore

24. Billie Jean King

25. Edward Gurney

26. Roots

27. J. Reginald Murphy

28. Harry Blackmun

29. Lynette Alice “Squeaky’ Fromme on Sept. 5 and Sara Jane Moore on Sept. 22

30. July 7, 1977 (7-7-77)

31. Hubert Humphrey

32. Thomas Bradley of LA, Maynard Jackson of Atlanta

33. Patricia Nixon and Edward Finch Cox

34. Wounded Knee

37. Bill Kidd

36. Fiddler on the Roof (3,242 performances)

37. The seven men were H.R.Haldeman, John Mitchell, John Erlichman, Charles Colson, Robert Mardian, Kenneth Parkinson and Gordon Strachan

38. Ludwig van Beethoven

39. Joseph “Crazy Joe” Gallo

40. Tokyo Rose

41. The season was delayed by a 3-day players strike that forced the cancellation of 86 major league games

42. Guatemala

43. Officials of the Mormon Church, just 24 days after Hughes’ death, announced the discovery of a will allegedly handwritten by Hughes six years earlier. The will left 1/16th of the estate – as much as $100 million – to the Mormon Church.

44. Legalized casino gambling began that day.

45. Dr. Delano Meriwether

46. Life

47. 8-0

48. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sex by Dr. David Reuben and The Sensuous Woman by “J”.

49. The Canary Islands

50. Dr. Peter Bourne

A glimpse of predictions from UF professors and others includes: The belief that the country is on the verge of war over energy and inflation problems;
A decline in the number of divorces in America, which have become as common as marriages;
The creation of a more knowledgeable society through computerized information automation;
Pioneering methods of instruction, including the use of drugs to enhance brain function and memory …


While some scholars, political leaders and others with often-respected opinions are assuring us that the ’70s will become the ’80s without much commotion, others are issuing warnings.


John Lennon was shot and killed outside his Dakota Building home in New York City.

December 9, 1980
Day The Music Died — Futch and Bartolotta listening to the radio. John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s brand new Double Fantasy record, being played on the cable radio, in sadness over Lennon being shot and killed the night before.


february 25, 1980
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In a time when desktop computers were attainable, but still prohibitively expensive and rare, Robert Bartolotta asked those who knew what college life would be twenty years into the future.

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