Shuttle at Sunrise

Salty Pineapple

Airshow Intro from Balcony F18s Bikini Beach Walk

Fort Lauderdale Pier / Yankee Clipper

Blue Angels (2019)

B2 Goodyear

F22 Oakland Park Bridge

Goodyear Introduction

B1 Highspeed Pass

B2 Barbie

B52 Bikini

B1 Goodyear Pelican


Goodyear Low Pass Intro


B2 Through Condominiums

Generational Fighters F15 F16 P51


Beach Run

F22 Turtle Nest Intro

Blue Angels (2019) Friday

Another Trump Asshole

F22 From Balcony

Thunderbirds 2006

Ocean Club Out & Back

Out & Back (w/RunRunRun)

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