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“When I think back on all the crap I learned in high school.”

“Kodachrome” — Launch of Columbia (Space Shuttle inaugural), Working Girl (Downtown New York City)

“Everyone Plays The Fool” — Bill Hicks (Honest Patriot), Sam Kinison (The Screamer), Rita Rudner (Born to Be Mild), Steven Wright (Deep Thinker), Jay Leno (Always Expressive), Judy Tenuta & Emo Phillips (Odd Couple), Dana Gould (The Best Next Door Neighbor), Paula Poundstone (Nice Girl), Dom Irrera (Regular Guy), Rich Jeni (Little Big Man).

“I Fought The Law” — The hands of justice, in the courtroom, behind bars

“Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon” — Palm Beach hand trimming trees.

“Afternoon Delight” — Secret Rendezvous and Public Displays

“Money” — A Palm Beach Dog’s life, or “Life’s A Bitch,” or Life’s a Stormy Beach.”

“Immigrant Song” — Small Haitian boat comes ashore on Palm Beach, whose occupants are detained, awaiting deportation. They’re NOT Cuban, and there’s a difference in immigrants.

“Lazy” —  On a stormy Thanksgiving Eve, 1984,  a rusty Venezuelan freighter broke fee of its anchorage off Palm Beach. When it crashed into Ted Kennedy’s neighbor Molly Wilmot’s oceanside pool, the fantasy island socialite’s fifteen minutes of fame had begun.

“Black and White” —  Palm Beach (Racist lawn ornament), The Klan marchs on Worth Avenue.

“Garden Party” —  Palm Beach Polo (Wellington), Trump Tower penthouse, wooing the peacock, After storm bicycle on Henry Morrison Flagler’s (Whitehall) front lawn. the Whitehall lawn.

“Drift Away” —  The other side of Palm Beach, Last flight out (tornado takeoff)

“I Can See Clearly Now” —  The (Coppertone) Girl who got away (Hurricane Andrew) The Day After.

“Walk, Don’t Run” — Back to Palm Beach (Surf)

“Season Of The Witch” — Dark days, beer can crack pipe, Drinking and driving, two-wheel mishap, “sticky situation” overturned molasses truck and the Cadillac, John Prince Park (WPB) shooting, Black Heart Jesus, family of six die in house fire, looking at death.

“Spirit In The Sky” — Jesus walking the beach in Fort Lauderdale, perpendicular planes (NYC), black cross in the city, hitchhiking home for Christmas.

“Piano Man” — Concert virtuoso, blue collar billboard

“Hot Sweet and Sticky” — Sports of all kinds. Shuffleboard, baseball, tennis, cross country, golf, surf, moto-x, acrobatic skis, beach fun, innertubes, and half-ass swinging.

“Groovin’ On A Sunday Afternoon “ — Bassett Hound strolling, mother and child relaxing

“Way of the World “ — Many different faces in the South Florida crowd. Man, Woman, Black, White, Whatever, Young, Old, Rich, Poor, Criminal, Celebrity, Friends, Enemies, Families. Moms, Dads, Brothers and Sisters.

“Everyone Plays The Fool” — Tommy Davidson at the Breakers Hotel (The Last Laugh)

“Seminole Wind” — It’s different out west in Pahokee. (Lake Okeechobee Sugar)

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