Jazziz Magazine

Creative Director JAZZIZ Magazine as it entered the new Millennium. Founded in 1983 by Dr. Michael Fagien, and edited by Larry Blumenfeld, JAZZIZ became one of the industry’s most respected publications. Starting with the 20th anniversary, here are a number of the covers we put together.

JAZZIZ 20th Anniversary
  MUSIC.COM Magazine


Original Noise Photographers/Illustrators

Patrick Farrell (photographer)

Brian Smith (photographer)

Enid Farber (photographer)

Jen Renninger (illustrator)

Linda Zacks (illustrator)

Skot Olsen (illustrator)

Emilio Perez (illustrator)

Bruce Helander (illustrator)

A Florida Journalist, Photographer, and Art Director with an eclectic client list of individuals and organizations with musical, visual, educational, and editorial interests.

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