according to bill hicks.
Easter 2020

illustration b/ dave hogerty (OriginalNoise.Org)

“Celebrating” Easter (2020), I thought it appropriate to “Resurrect” a small taste of what Bill Hicks’ had to say about Christians, their Lord and Savior (Jesus Christ), and their relationship to God, Guns, and America. The First Holy Day (After Trump, Amid Covid-19). Of course Bill is still dead, but, as always, his spirit is still alive, well, and still relevant. Here’s a mix of Bill’s religious material and a selection of his favorite music, including Suicidal Tendencies, King Missile and Tool (fronted by Bill’s friend Maynard James Keenan), who sampled and eulogized Bill (“Third Eye” and “Euology”) on Tool’s 1996 album, Aenima.

A TRUE PATRIOT: Bill Hicks On Burning His Own American Flag.


Church of Suicidal
(Suicidal Tendencies)




Chocolate Bunnies


Pro-Life Killers


The Aliens Have Landed
in Fyfe, Alabama


Era Of Assassination


One Stroke at a Time


What About the Death Penalty?


The Lighter Side of Abortion


The Sanctity Of Life


Jesus Was Way Cool (King Missile)


In the Name of the Lord (Tack>>Head)


The Story of Willie
(King Missile)




Third Eye (Tool)



(Easter 2020)
When Bill Hicks’ 12th Late Night performance was scheduled (10/93), David Letterman had just moved from NBC to CBS, and at the time, his new network was running a series of pro-life “promotional” ads. Having included (as he always did) material related to his Southern Baptist, Bible-belt (Houston, Texas) upbringing, Bill’s final Letterman set was cut from the evening’s broadcast. Bill’s Christian material was deemed “inappropriate” by CBS’s department of “Standards and Practices.”

THE LAST WORD — The (Unaired) Letterman set, that CBS advertiser, a group of right-to-life Christians, didn’t appreciate it running alongside their message from God.


It’s Just A Ride
The first documentary film about Bill, produced after his death. Includes interviews with many of Bill’s peers, including David Letterman apologizing for having Bill’s last Late Night performance stricken from the show.

Tool’s Maynard James Keenan talks about Bill Hicks and comedy.